Berardi wants to join Inter instead of Juve

December 30, 2015 19:46
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Berardi Italy

According to sources close to the player, Domenico Berardi doesn’t want to accept a move to Juventus. Sport Mediaset reports that Juve has an agreement with Sassuolo to buy Berardi for 16 million euro’s in 2016, an amount that would increase to 25 to buy him in 2017. Though sources claim that Berardi wants to play at Inter since he is an Inter fan.

A decision, that could make life complicated for Beppe Marotta. Berardi is afraid of being given little playing time at Juve which is happening to his former teammate Simone Zaza. Tottenham and Monaco are interested in Berardi and are ready to offer 30 million euro’s. But the player is dreaming of playing for Inter. His passion for the black and blue colors is known. Even Piero Ausilio mentioned the player’s support for Inter but also claimed that he is destined to join Juve because of the deal between the bianconeri and Sassuolo. Can Erick Thohir sign the striker in front of Juve?

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Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • dipesh

    him on the right icardi in the center and calleri on the left 4-3-3 with a 4 pronged attack

  • febri haryadi

    Good story

  • Eusebio

    We seemed to always miss signing young talented Serie A players (besides Icardi). Alexis, Jovetic (when on Fiorentina), Dybala, Darmian come to mind. There are a handful of extremely talented young players in Serie A I wish we could get and Berardi is one… One can only dream.

  • Wruce Bayne

    please thohir,ausilio & mancio

  • Seiya20n

    interesting but we don’t have enough resources most likely we should sell Perisic to get him-

  • interista13

    I really hope these articles aren’t just a tease. Inter have been linked with 3 of my favorite strikers I would love to see in Nerazzurro in the past couple of months. I’m referring to Lacazette, Embolo, and Berardi, who imo have the skill sets to take this Inter team to the top. Lacazette would be a tough signing due to price and probably wouldn’t be realistic unless Icardi is sold, but I think signing Berardi and Embolo could be realistic signings for the summer if Inter continues on their current trajectory. I’m not sure how difficult it would be to steal Berardi from Jube, but if they still have legitimate interest in Guarin, perhaps he can be used as a makeweight for the transfer..

    • Boln

      There is no legal clause that he must be sold to rube,only gentle agreement from both clubs,berardi belongs to sassuolo,just like morata,he himself who decide where he wants to play,it is not a complex situation for me

      • interista13

        I’m not so sure it’s that simple. I think the situation with both Berardi and Morata is that their previous clubs, Jube and Madrid respectively, have a first right to redemption clause, and if Inter were to make an offer for Berardi, Jube would be able to step in and sign him first

        • Boln

          Man,the article said he doesnt want to join ruben,they are in pole position to buy him,but it all depends to the PLAYER. it is simple for me.thats why ruben is scared when berardi agent said that what happen to zaza and rugani makes him doubt to go to ruben.

  • Darren Nathaniel

    he is beast. young talented and ITALIAN. we need more italian in squad, and we dont have enough wide player IMO. we lack wide player if we play CL next season. and he is very versatile. even 30M euro if im director i would take it anytime. and sassone would be good if follow him to inter also ;p

    • harendro

      Wide player: Perisic, Biabiany, even Jojo, Ljajic and Palacio always tends to play wide. If we include Dodo and Naga who always frequently been used as winger then we have 7.

  • Michael Rojas

    Please please please make this happen. I’ve been waiting for him and even sansone to come to inter

  • nerazurri88

    Fuck it! Go for this guy! He’s what we need for sure! LJAJIC and JOVETIC are good, no doubts, but I have the feeling these two will go away as soon as they get their reputation back on track. What I mean is that they are not loyal players, at least to Inter. I’d rather go for Berardi who can easily become a leader for us than the other two.

  • JAY

    30m is too much, and we alrady have players in him position we need a rb a good one and toure

  • Alphonse

    Yes, he is the one versatile player, which I meant before, my dream…, young, good, knows Serie A, Italian (important in CL), can win matches, cmon Ausilio&Mancini&Thohir!

  • Sandro Mehić

    ICARDI the Juve-killer
    BERARDI the Milan-killer
    – What a attack we could have with these two great talents WOW.

    • I miss Marco Branca

      last i recall inter tied Juve 0-0 in their last meeting

  • Masimo Morati

    If its needed sell Perisic and take this man!

  • Yoav Atiass

    A Fucking DREAM

  • casperv

    Would be AWESOME to have him on the right, with perisic on the left, Ljajic behind either Icardi (who’s rising in form) or Jojo who’s declining in form!

  • Nerazzuro21

    Thohir forget about Messi and get Berardi. 😛 Seriously it’s highly unlikely he’ll join us but if he did it would be great if he did.I prefer him over the likes of Candreva,Eder and Lavezzi.And not just because he’s an Interista.

    • casperv

      true – he is young and fits the project thohir wants!

  • Dani Milekić

    We don’t need him but it would be a dickslap in Juventus’ face.

    • Boln

      We need him man, he is a player who can make a difference by himself, only ljacic in our team that can do that

      • Dani Milekić

        What we need is a central mid not another wide man. He would be a good addition, nothing more. Our attack is versatile enough, we need someone to feed them with balls from the midfield. A player like Klaasen or Toure would be great.

        • casperv

          Ljajic is a central mid/attacking midfielder and Broso also plays well in that role – hell, even Jojo likes to drop bakc to get the ball, but the only trickster we have on the right wing is Biabiany!

          • Dani Milekić

            Tricksters are just for show. Kova was a useless bitch off the ball but if we had his through balls now we would score double amount of goals we did so far.

          • casperv

            Kondog, Broso and LJAJIC are delevering enough of through balls my friend; Icardi would have score a couple today I guess – seems to my like Jojo’s form is decresing!

          • Dani Milekić

            Okay, we agree to disagree.

        • Boln

          I didnt mean to say we need him for now,but next season. Klaasen is not creative enough, toure would be great addition for us, if diarra come i think it will be good addition, diarra and kondo might not creative enough, but imo their throug pass is good enough.

    • DonKavexo

      We need him and it would be a dickslape Juventus’ face.

  • leputa


  • sleimani

    I love this guy despite his temper. We could really use his fk expertise. He will want to play regularly though… Can you imagine icardi with a trio of jovetic ljajic and berardi? Perisic and bonboni will rotate with them and palacio staying as an experienced vice icardi.

    We would be completely set in attack.

    Our weakness remains at rb.

    Santon and dambrosio are clowns… We need someone like widmer of udine

    • leputa

      and he’s an Italian, which personally I think is good for us.

      • Boln

        Italian or not doesnt matter, we are inter

      • Cian T

        Santon is Italian

    • Boln

      Widmer is average imo
      Nothing special

  • pierx

    if you can do a “Cassano” then any Interisti will always appreciate you.

    • leputa

      “there’s only the sky above Ac Milan, but above the sky there’s Inter.” – Cassano. I like this quote.

      • casperv

        did he really say that!? that’s a superb statement!

        • leputa

          Yes, it was in an interview when he was asked when he joined Inter. It was from Indonesian site tho but that’s literally what he said.

  • 1NT3R

    yes yes yes

  • Who is this guy?

    • leputa

      the guy who destroyed Milan.

    • casperv

      21 years old winger, left-footed (and what a foot), trickster, dribler, fast great shoot; 44 goals in 105 serie A games – for Sassuolo!
      From Wiki:

      “in 2014, Don Balón listed him as one of the top-100 young players in the world. FormerMilan and Italy manager, Arrigo Sacchi, has described Berardi as “a player of great talent, a modern footballer who plays for the team all over the field. The liveliness, intuition, temperament, strength combine with a good technique.”

      • wow i will look him up now. Hope he’s as good as u say

    • DonKavexo

      Do you watch Serie A?

      • Yes I do. just don’t watch boring sassuolo matches. don’t try to get smart with me

  • Boln

    Cant say yourself interista if you play for ruben