Mancini :” Very poor refereeing. I take responsibility, but…”

January 31, 2016 23:40
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Roberto Mancini

Following a bitter 0-3 loss against city rivals A,C Milan; Mancini spoke to Mediaset Premium. Here is what he had to say:

“Of course the results aren’t positive and unfortunately we have played great games. My compliments to Milan but that of today was not a 3-0 match. This is such a time, it all goes wrong, we aren’t able to score goals and we concede. The expulsion? I did not say anything offensive, however this is what they are like: special, susceptible…”. This is what Roberto Mancini said to Mediaset Premium after the 3-0 derby loss. “Donnarumma and Alex should have been sent off? You can see that Damato does not know the rules… but I do not know what to say about these episodes, because we lost 3-0. I think that we played a good game in the first half and that there was a sending off for the last man. Today the referee with his assistants were a disaster, they were the worst on the field. We deserved to finish the first half in the lead, not at a disadvantage. And then the 2-0 was the final push that ended the match. Why Santon? We needed someone fresh and Davide was good. We did not deserve to lose these matches, I feel sorry for the fans but we need to work to get out of this situation. The defense needs to return to being great and must provide cover for the central midfielders. Then we need to play more linear, the central midfielders need to play like central midfielders and the forwards need to play like forwards. There isn’t much to say, we lost and I take responsability, the guys gave their all. My joke about Icardi? It’s rubbish, if you want to create controversy… The middle finger to the fans? I did, when I do things I’ll admit it. But you always want to create controversy”, closes the blurting technician.

  • svetlio

    I want to ask – why in 60nth minute, when we saw medel, santon and brozoovic keep making mistake after mistake, Mancini didn’t substitute them ?
    Maybe they was tired, maybe because of the poor tactic – i don’t know.
    But manccini should be more brave and get gnoukuri and kondo, just to change something in the game, to get fresh blood… He wait too long to make substitutions, and when he do them, they was crazy – telles for perisic wow !!!! Stupid coach, stop joking with us Mancini. Keep one squad for 3 matches and see what will hapen … Sorry for my poor english, i hope you get my point in the sentences

  • Majid Alshair

    This month is one to forget, but every team, unless you are psg, barcelona ir bayern, goes through these periods. When we were on top everyone was praising mancini and the team; now that we had this terrible month, people are quick to point their fingers. The scudetto is a lost cause at the moment, but lets bot forget our main objective; UCL. We are only a point adirft of third place fiorentina; who also arent having the best time, with a home game yet to play againt them. I wish we signed banega this window, but it wasnt possible. We got eder, and that will help us in the creativity and goal department alot. I would be more than happy this season if we get that 3rd spot. We still have about 15 games left, lets keep the faith. Forza inter!

    • Mamoun

      Nop that’s not true… Even when we were in the first place, Several people here including myself were criticizing Mancini because the quality of football produced was extremelly poor and because we were lucky…

      • Majid Alshair

        Apologies; some of you ….

    • ARL_Interisti

      Totally agree. I always have faith to this team.

  • syahrul sembarang

    we should stop pointing finger to anyone in our team. its team fault, icardi cant do his job, midfield cant give icardi good assist and backline start declining. and mancio cant build his squad to play as unit and define our playing style.
    but trust me, replace mancio at this time will help us nothing+transfer window has been closed now. so it only make the team worst by changing our head coach.
    if anyone said that im defending mancio, well im always support our coach whoever he is and im againts the idea to changing coach in mid season. honestly im the one who isnt sure bout mancio as mazarri replacement when hes been fire. but when menagament has decide that mancini is the one, then i support him 100%.

    • ARL_Interisti

      Forza inter

      • syahrul sembarang


  • leputa

    Blaming the ref is a sign of loser mentality, all Milan goals were from open play and well deserved.

  • leputa

    Mourinho guys?

    • ezekiel

      not now, changing the coach now is a risky move.. maybe at the end of the season, then we can evaluate our season.. but no mourinho again.. he’s in his bad period as a coach.. and in serie a there is a jinx about a coach that coming back to the team.. i rather try someone else if mancini don’t achieve our goal this season..

      • Adrian Raditya

        I dont believe the jinx..
        but i support to keep Mancini at least until end of season..
        At Inter, Mou known for his bond with player and staff, looks like he lost it since his madrid era..

    • Biscione’s Poison

      Nope. Better be Simeone

  • Mamoun

    Mancini is simply not a good coach and he’ll never be…he just change jobs and become a sporting director and let us bring a real tactician

  • Станислав Миленов Манов


    • Vincent Chandra

      I don’t want to begin to say how stupid this comparison is. Half of mancini’s game here are played with Mazzarri’s squad. If they wanna compare, then compare this year’s result and Mazzarri’s best six months with us.

      • Bojan Ristic

        And Mazzari’s squad was Stramaccioni’s squad. 🙂 Mazzari never got players he asked for.

        • Fiano

          yeah but actually i could say, with respect, he asked for some seri-A mediocre player also… Some player that he asked, was not prefered by us, the fans.

          As I hate this lose, and the boring tactic by Mancini, I have to admit his ‘calling player’ skills to join us has made the squad better (not best) than the last season. At least I am happy with the attacker that we have now. Jojo-Ljajic-Perisic-Eder-Icardi. I remember the days when only had icardi-palacio. Pazzini or only Rocchi. Oh man…

      • Zselic

        how about we compare the amount of money spent/points…?

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        Agree dude.

  • yudi

    With all respect, I think your time is up, Coach
    Thanks for all you’ve done so far,
    but time for you to go…

  • Джокерфен

    You are shame fo Inter,bastard!

    • ARL_Interisti

      Common fellas, just make positive comments, they need your support

    • Boss

      Let’s make petition #manciniout

  • frigo

    I don’t wanna start a discussion for or against Mancini and still believe that we have to evaluate his work after the season. But what conclusions you can make with the situation with fullbacks! First Santon is a undoubted starter, then Nagatomo, then D’Ambrosio, then even Montoya starting to play after moths without single minute and then Santon again after moths without playing and when looks like his the last choice!!! I’m sorry, but there’s no logic in this and overall this is the situation with the whole playing style or lacking of it under Mancini.

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      We have the same situation in our midfield as well. Indeed, Mancini simply doesn’t have any clear idea about what he wants.

      • Boss

        Did you see the penalty by Icardi ? I think he did it in know why..we’ll be very lucky to reach europe this season if mancini still on the bench

        • Amin Sadrnejad

          Between Icardi and Mancio, I’d choose Mancio any day. Because that son of a bitch thinks he’s bigger than Inter.

          • Boss

            But I think not only Icardi ..almost all inter player specially the balkans except eder but let see two matches ahead

    • Nu’man ‘Zeus’ Anggara

      same as i thought. mancini has no starting eleven in row. if he wanna play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 at least he has names those consistently used.
      using brozovic beside medel at defensive midfielder is inaccurate and risky in 4-2-3-1 as against milan. though he didn’t believe melo again. kondogbia still reliable but mancini destroy his confidence by place him on bench. jovetic behind striker? what a waste. he should use dynamic forwards like biabiany, perisic, and llajic.

    • Boss

      i think what happened in chelsea happened in Inter at the moment..mancini has lost his player trust..and this will continue next week ..mark my words

    • inter lover

      because our full backs are no Maicons or JZ4s, they are bunch of average full backs with variety of style there is no one with superb qualtiy in defence and attaack actually there is no one with superb quality in either defence or attack.

    • #4

      totally agree with your opinion about fullback. Santon not playing for months, but *surprise-you-got-wrong-prediction-again, Santon as a starter in big match. and Brozovic as DM.. another-surprise.. or more likely, I-keep-doing-experiment-because-I-dont-know-what-Im-doing

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    this is just pathetic now, we are back to the mazzarri days of blaming the grass, the rain and the ants. we are taking one step forward and five steps back. please thohir save my inter

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Very poor refereeing? VERY POOR COACHING U IDIOT!

    • Phi Einstein

      So true..

    • JAY


  • Phi Einstein

    Middle finger to the fans is very not acceptable mister. You should apologize, but even better if you just get your ass out of Inter. Your time is up.

    • Nerazzurro

      Middle finger to Interisti??

      • Johnny Febrian

        Not to interisti but for milanisti