CdS: Thohir will not attend derby, but Soetedjo will take his place

January 31, 2016 19:26
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Handy Soetedjo will attend the Derby della Madonnina this evening but Thohir will be watching from Indonesia.

Erick Thohir will not be at the San Siro tonight to see the Milan derby live. This is confirmed by Corriere dello Sport: “Thohir will look at the challenge on television in Indonesia and is expected for the match in Italy with Fiorentina on 13 February. His friend and partner in the Nerazzurri adventure, Handy Soetedjo, will be present who also wanted to see live the practice at the Pinetina live”.


  • Zoki

    Derby match thread?

  • postal

    Where the hell is the starting 11?!?

    • Josip

      I noticed it wasnt here for the last game either but i see they have tweeted official line up and i like it lol

      • postal

        Yeah, impressive line-up. Didn’t expect Eder to start. Also Santon finally returning makes me smile. But we need a thread to rant on, dammit!

        • Zoki

          I already said multiple times. Mods don’t always have time to create threads and that is very much okay and understandable, which is why I have suggested many times that we have a simple chat room so we can talk there.

  • Wruce Bayne

    who the hell is Soetedjo?

    • mongkih

      if am not wrong, a local indonesian businessman whom joined hand with ET in creating this small consortium when they take over inter from grandpa morratti