Mancini: ” Our mistakes cost us the game “

January 31, 2016 23:56
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Inter head coach, Roberto Mancini, spoke briefly to Sky after a disastrous derby match this evening.

Speaking to Sky Sport, Roberto Mancini commented on the defeat against Milan: “It burns to lose the derby, everything was bad and we didn’t play well. It is not a game to lose, they score after our best chance, and then closed it after the penalty. If you never capitalise on chances then you risk losing. It’s disappointing because we threw away everything that we did well. We are in a difficult moment, we can get out of it because we have the quality to do it, I am convinced. We have not lost to bad luck, this is just a bad moment. We paid for our mistakes. I chose Jovetic because he wouldn;t give the defenders a reference point and at the start he had a few chances in attack. It is a delicate moment and we have to roll up our sleeves. We will emerge from this together. I am sure that we can get out of this moment, I have no grudge against my men. I assume all of the responsibility, because the boys don’t deserve it. We must not lose certainty”.


  • R9

    I am very disappointed by this loss obviously, but I must point out something that has been bugging me recently. Even though we have trouble in attack, I think people would agree with me that the fullbacks are our biggest problem. They are such an important position in modern football, and we lack not one, but two of them. Among other things, they need to be able to defend the flanks, run up and down the field constantly, be able to dribble near the edge of the field and feed the strikers with balls inside the box. I am very sad that we don’t have a fullback matching this description in the last 5 years. Mancini is trying to mask this problem by making Ljajic / Perisic act as fullbacks in the last quarter of the field, but when that happens we suddenly lack people in the center of the field and the opposing defenders easily defend.
    We play JJ as a fullback, which he is not, and therefore I cannot be mad at him when he doesn’t perform; Yuto occasionally has a good performance, but the good ones are by far eclipsed by the bad ones; Santon always had potential, but you could very rarely see that on the field; D’Ambrosio is not a football player if you ask me, he is just a guy that plays the matches for the workout. Telles is very young and occasionally does these dangerous tricks on the field that might cost us a goal, so I would say he has a lot to learn.
    And just as I thought that someone in the club would finally signal a red flag about this problem and tell the people in charge that we desperately need a quality fullback in this transfer window, we go on and buy Eder…

    • Seiya20n

      you are right we don’t have more than average FBs right now, if Mancio were smart enough he should’ve tried a formation without FB, a 3-5-2, but guess what we don’t have a CAM, so we will be unable to connect the lines by using any of our CDMs

      • InterGuy

        We can go for a 3-4-3 it’s the only formation at the time being that our team can use!I love the 4-2-3-1 and the 4-3-3 but as far as we can see the team cannot go with it!
        Nagatomo-K-Dog-Brozo(or Melo)-Telles(or D’ambrossio)
        As much as I hate to say nagatomo was a beast while he was playing at this position,under Stramma and Mazzari!
        For Telles as a Left Midfielder is kind of a risk since he is a fullback that still tries to learn and it will be a risk playing him there since he might commit way too many mistakes,but Muro will stop em!
        Medel as a Left Center Back because he is fast and one who is able to control Naga’s mistakes!
        In the midfield K-dog will have the same role he has on Sevilla and Monaco,CDM!And Brozo will turn the defence into attack with risks,yeah with risk,that’s what our team lucks TAKING RISKS!
        As for the attack there is nothing to say,i think it will be perfect no need for a #10 to pass the ball to them no need for the attackers to run back and defend like crazy!
        Perisic will have his freedom to shoot and run like he should Ljajic will have the opportunity to create more chances and actualy the freedom to dribble!
        And as for Icardi he will score!
        No need to depend on Full backs,no need to worry about a #10 and Mancini can keep rotating as much as he wan’t since he is not a fan of rotation on defence!
        That’s the only system that at the moment suit’s us!
        And in my opinion it is not bad since we have the players that can play with this formation and the mentality to play this formation like Napoli did 5 years ago!

  • grilliant

    Beside the defense i think we need to practice our crossing, and buy aubameyang with reasonable price. He is the best finisher alongside lewandowski at the moment . Our forwards frustating me

    • Nerazzurro

      Aubameyang :)))) Man, we are poor as fuck, we can’t pay even his wages.

      • Saudijac_30

        this is true unfortunately

  • Zselic

    the other thing that bothers me is, what the management was doing during january? i dont know if it was mancini who only wanted another attacker, or Ausilio couldnt meet his demands, but regardless we were on top of the table by the beginning of the mercato, the problems were obvious – none of our fullbacks are Inter-level, there is no proper rotation for the Murillo-Miranda duo and our (defensive) midfielders cant win enough ball, and on the other hand, suck at build-up play. these things should have been adressed but we waited until the very last days of the mercato to act

    • #4

      the thing is, in Mancini’s mind, we dont have problem with fullback or mid or build up play. the only problem is the striker, thats why next surpise maybe he will become lone striker.. highest paid coach, but cant see the problem in his own team

      • Zselic

        right, that is one thing, but the management is that blind aswell? there is not a single soul at Inter who sees the core of the problems?

  • giointer

    Somebody Wants Inter destruction.hey fans be more agresive for our enemyyyyyyyy. The coach – 0 , Breeder – 0, Managers – 0. The whole staff – 0

    we must sell – medel,nagamoto,palacio,santon,d’ambrosio,jj,perisic,biabianyand melo.
    in – talisca and gaitan(maybe miralas from everton) from benfica,banega, draxler. coleman.

    • Nerazzurro


      • Seiya20n

        lol – ultimate team!

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Look guys, if that fucking ref sent off Alex and then that cocky guy scored the penalty, we would have won the game for sure. Just saying…

  • Adrian Raditya

    Maybe because of the transfer window, the team, include Mancini, can’t focus just on football..
    the team just keep make mistake after mistake..
    even Mourinho tactic doesn’t work at chelsea because of unstable condition at chelsea..
    just my opinion..
    btw forgive my english..

  • Jamz

    Mancini needs to pack his bags and leave by nightfall. He has a shitload of good players and still he cant even stay with a basic team spine and play some decent football. Personally I hate the football that we are playing so far I do not enjoy watching the team. Thohir knows it, zanetti and stankovic know it and we all know it that our style of play is shit and mancini is to blame not the players. We have a new squad this year and instead of bonding game by game the suck game by game. I SAY FUCK MANCINI we all saw him with City he did nothing with all those millions that he had in his hands.

    • Boss

      I’m with you mate..Mancini is a failure, he will lead inter to bankruptcy

  • #4

    keep changing formation is not a element of surprise, more likely I-DONT-KNOW-WHAT-IM-DOING

  • Søren

    From a scudetto fight to a 4th place where we need to watch out for both Roma and Fiorentina if we want CL! What the f*ck happened?!

    Now we are in desperate need of 6 pionts vs. Chievo and Verona the next two matches before we face Fiorentina away in the middle of february. Then we have samp before facing juve away in the end of this month.. hell, january was a disaster, but febuary might put the nails in the coffin!

    Got to stay optimistic, though.. Come on INTER!

    • ARL_Interisti

      Agreed!! Forza inter!

    • Boss

      From what I saw it’s not mental problem anymore or formation but Mancini has lost his player can see chelsea under mou this season..that’s whats happening in inter right would be very difficult to win with this condition.. miracle for us if we can reach europe by the end of this season

    • syahrul sembarang

      And I will continue in the sun and in the wind … my party Forever I will live with these colors …. I will follow you in the head Nerazzurri Nerazzurri Nerazzurri will live there always this hope And no I do not live without! Love her! Pazza Inter amala!

  • ezekiel

    damn, something wrong with this team.. if mancini want to keep his place on inter bench, he have to start winning again.. CL is a must.. no excuse.. but i still believe that replacing him now is a bad idea.. maybe at the end of the season(if he fail to achieve his goal).

  • Andrian Zanetti

    Hopefully, his middle finger was not for Inter fans.

    • Biscione’s Poison

      I do not mind if that was pointing at us..

    • Wruce Bayne

      he gave it to bilan fans

    • Facchetti

      It was most likely given because they repeated the comments Sarri said to him…

  • leputa

    Mourinho, mourinho?

  • syahrul sembarang

    Losing 3-0 againts our fierce rival in a week its big probem. If mancio cant win againts verona convincingly n boost mentality, its hard to see him at inter bench next season. But im not agree with idea to replace him now. We still have a chance to fight with fio for 3rd spot. Just need to get the momentum back asap. Start with wining againts verona.

    • Boss

      Yeah, but we will be out of europe.. i think what happened in chelsea happen in Inter at the moment..mancini has lost his player trust..and this will continue next week ..mark my words

      • syahrul sembarang

        Yeah no matter how hard it is, i will support them til the last. 🙂
        Btw Whats happen with chelsea after they fire mou?i dont see any significant progress happens there. But what happen to juve by keep trusting on allergy has give them good result for now. Replace mancio in mid season isnt the answer n i still believe that we can fight for 3rd spot.
        Lets see what happen next againts verona. Hope lady luck start smile to our side. Amala 🙂

        • Nugross

          Yeah.. I think the coach and players must sit together to solve their problem as soon as possible. Its useless to replace Mancio right now, but it useless to if the players doesnt trust him. So I think they must have One Word, INTER.. Its INTER and INTER only.. No other else..

  • Dimitris_Inter

    There is no player…Brozovic!

  • Dani Milekić

    Jose come back..?

  • Станислав Миленов Манов

    And this…

    • Fiano

      what does it mean?? enlighten me please

      • Andrian Zanetti

        Summary: Both of them are suck.

  • Станислав Миленов Манов

    And this..

  • I just wanna understand why Icardi didn’t let Eder take the Penalty he’s the second goal soccer in table.

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      Cause the selfish guy thinks he’s bigger than this club.

    • Thông The Giant

      he’s a little bit selfish…but hard to blame him for that…he created it by himself

    • Boss

      I think icardi do it in purpose..he wanna put mancini in suffering..I think what happened in chelsea happened in Inter right now..we’ll get very lucky if we reach europe this season with this condition

      • Seiya20n

        he did not, just miserly failed like the hard season he is having, a top player always scores specially in the crucial moments- the match result would’ve been extremely different if he were playing like the past season-

    • frigo

      If the players decide on the pitch, who is supposed to take the penalty, we already have a problem. It’s only coach’s responsibility to take this kind of decisions and everybody must to respect that.

  • Zoki

    Our mistakes started with your mistakes. 22 games into the season and he still doesn’t have a starting XI. Changing formations and rotating so much isn’t helpful for the team. They need momentum not 2 good games and then bench.

    • Søren

      Agreed! Why the need for rotation? We don’t play in Europe, we should be well rested for the league. It’s the second part of the season and Mancio is still experimenting.

    • igo

      Yeah and he played the tactics with the players who constantly making mistakes. I won’t blame the low mentality because of that. And now when he began his tactics back to his first games, the mentality already disastrous, couning on the pkayers to diverse the mentality. If the capts JZ4, im sure he can count on the mentality him, but MI9 is still learning. What the hell mancio. Come on, along these years we can’t count on JZ4 again. Please help them

    • Nugross

      And changing Captain also..