Zanetti to Sky: “It takes great character to get out of this moment”

February 28, 2016 23:47
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It was up to Javier Zanetti to analyze the knockout in Turin in an interview by SkySport: “Missing players who dictate the pace? Unfortunately it is a difficult time, we lack many things. Another heavy defeat: because of Juve and also our responsibility. It’s time to examine our conscience and give something more. From this moment we must bring our personalities and I hope that in the next match we will see something different from what we saw tonight.”

Has Mancini ask for advice when it comes to tactical decisions?
“Roberto has his staff with which he prepares the matches. When it comes to certain things he asks me, Stankovic, Ausilio. We talk to each other, but he has such an experience that allows him to prepare for the games. Why he always changes? Yes, unfortunately we lost the solidity which enabled us to be first. And I am not only talking about the defenders but of the whole defense. It takes great character to get out of this moment.”

How do you come out of these moments?
“We must regain firmness, talk a lot among us, and work. That is the only way. Today we also had great possession but we were not creating any dangerous situations. They were compact. We lack the initiatives that makes you give something extra at certain times.”

Certain statements by Mancini have perhaps made him lose his tune with the changing room?
“No, we are all aware of our objective. Everyone tries to improve. However, I repeat: without result, that counts for nothing. Words are not what we need.”


Lacking a leader? Were there too many similar players purchased?
“There are many new, there are experienced players. We made choices thinking it would make a difference. No one signs a player thinking that things will go wrong. Now the results don’t prove us right and we can’t do anything but work.”

Will there be a meeting between the club and Mancini to try to find a solution?
“In two months we have wasted all the good we had done until Christmas. But we often talk with Mancini, Thohir was here. This team has to get back to doing what was done up to Christmas and that’s enough.”



Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson