Ausilio: “Bringing Banega in is a possibility”

February 28, 2016 22:45
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Nerazzurri sporting director Piero Ausilio found time to squeeze in an interview before kick-off in Juventus v Inter.

“We’ve got 12 matches to go, enough but not loads. We need to add consistency to our performances.”

“A stratospheric offer for Diego Simeone? I’d like to use €100 million on something else. I laugh at reports like this, as should everybody else. Roberto Mancini is at the heart of our project. We would have liked to have been further ahead but we know that these things take time. With patience and hard work, we’ll get there. I think Mancini is happy at Inter and the same is true for us. He still has time in his career for the national team.”

One of the former Inter players in this game in Hernanes: “We have a relationship built on mutual respect between the directors at both of our clubs. We calmly let Hernanes go at the end of the transfer window because the offer was right. Finally, Ausilio had a few words to say on the end of the season for the Nerazzurri and Ever Banega. “We did fantastically until 6 January, nobody expected that Inter would be first. The drop-off in results was perhaps excessive compared to the performances. We need to grow, the team is still young and when you make a lot of changes you need a bit of time. The tough patch probably went on for too long but now we need to fight for our objectives. Bringing Banega in is a possibility.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Musavie Abdillah

    I don’t see why Mancin should be the heart of our project. Lots of us don’t. So why this clown and Thohir do?

  • El LoboNerazzurri98

    Roberto Mancini is a great coach but the project Nerazzurri needs a fresh face I believe to get it in full throttle. Mancini will most likely take over the Italian national team this summer and the DREAM COACH’S to take over the NerazzurrI bench is Diego Simone and our beloved former coach Jose Mourinho but both are unlikely to arrive this summer. A few wild card coaches that could be considered are former Italian WC winner Marcelo Lippi, free agent Jorge Sampaoli, Watford’s QuiQue Flores and Iran’s Carlos Queiroz( bc Thorir is a admirer of Manchester United and he is close with Inter CEO Michael Bolingbroke during there time together at Untied). Thorir’s possible replacement should be former Florentina/Italian coach Ceasar Prandelli, Sampdoria’s Vicenza Montella and Sassuolo’s Eusebio Di Francesco bc all are very familiar with Italian Football and Italian Footballers (The NerazzurrI most become more Italian.) The best and safe choice should be Eusebio Di Francesco because of his modern and attractive style of football that are very similar to Fabio Capello’s style of football but with a few twists there and there. He would make the NerazzurrI transfers on players like Domenico Berardi a bit easier to sign. He would mostly bring his Sassuolo players Sime Vrsaljko, Nicola Sansone and Sassuolo’s “lil Pogbra” Simone Missiroli to the San Siro. He would possibly be able to make the NerazzurrI squad more Italian and bring other national to the squad like Wolfsburg’s Daniel Caligiuri, Bordeaux’s Diego Contento, SouthHampton’s Graziano Pelle(Mauro Icardi replacement), PSG’s benched Italian #1 netminder Salvatore Sirigu or Genoa’s Mattia Perin(Handanovic’s replacements), Empoli’s Lorenzo Tonelli(Miranda’s replacement) and Riccardo Saponara( better offensive player and younger then Ever Banega), Sampdoria’s Roberto Soriano(which should be a Interista come June). We are most likely not making the Champions League but we could make a run in the Europa League while continuing the NerazzurrI project with Eusebio Di Francesco and making the squad more Italian.

    • Indonesia_Inter

      Yes, I like that idea, I chosen Di Francesco too. And bring back already shining our academy player like Bonucci, Duncan, Destro, Mbaye etc. than those all dumb player whose not even good as bench player

    • Søren

      I very much like your points about Eusebio Di Francesco! His football is attractive and he seems able to get youngsters to play well. Only question: can he perform under pressure in a club like Inter?

      Anyway, I am sure he would do way better with the existing players. Imagine a coach who would actually use Ljajic, Jojo, Perisic and the likes in an offensive approach! Plus he might be able to bring some of the most exciting players you mention. Give it a go!

    • Boss

      Agree mate..we can make our attack next season all italians.. Sansone eder and berardi (assuming icardi to mu next season) midfield K-dog, banega and soriano and defence could be telles murillo miranda and vrsaljko GK : could be perrin

      • Monicaahopkins2

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  • Nugross

    Bring banega in is not solution, we will keep losing unless bring Mancio OUT..

  • Zselic

    we need a heart transplant then

  • mo

    shut the fuck up u stupid ……

  • Nerazzurro

    “Roberto Mancini is at the heart of our project. I think Mancini is happy at Inter and the same is true for us. He still has time in his career for the national team.”
    Was Mancini sucking Ausilio’s cock while he answered these questions?