Zanetti to MP: “The team has to assume a great responsibility”

February 28, 2016 23:21
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Former Inter captain and current vice president Javier Zanetti spoke to Mediaset Premium after the loss at Juventus Stadium:

“It’s a very tough defeat, unfortunately a bit due to the opponent’s strength and also due to our fault. But it’s time to give something more, the team has to assume a great responsibility and give everything it has from here until the end.”

“We need to return to being solid and to have more certainties, then focus on one match at a time, it is the only way to get out of this because unfortunately it has lasted some time. Mancini doesn’t speak? No, because at first he was not well and he has also lost his voice. The team was solid and showed that up until Christmas when it was first in the standings. Juventus are a well organized team with so much personality and that makes a difference. We tried to play a match on their level.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Seiya20n

    il capitano has spoken, Mancio is just scared cause he knows he has full responsibility after more than 1 year with the team, let’s be realistic we were wining in the first part of the season but we were too lucky, 1-0 every time- I do believe we have good players but they are on the bench and the most important area in modern football (midfield) has not worked for us, meanwhile Florence, AC and even Rome are rushing things our team still has no answer on how to play a game.

  • Indonesia_Inter

    Just imagine why we don’t try to get back our academy player than those all dumb player.

  • nozanneti

    Zanetti: “The team has prepared this game well”… Juventus are a well organized team with so much personality and that
    makes a difference. We tried to play a match on their level.”
    ——————————— better be quiet, your talking is garbage, aren’t you ARE ALSO A PART OF THIS HORRABLE FAILURE ???? after all you are ” Former Inter captain and current vice president Javier Zanetti” and you should take your responsibility, my “intelectual” ! !

    • zamorano1+8

      you get off u f hypocrite. you are still talking bout il capitano.

      • nozanneti

        no zanneti, moron ! why isn’t he playing, … it was his plan to play and this season ?!? oh, he has some wise thoughts to say to SHEEPLE idiots like you ! mazzari was a real deal for that legend,… respect for mazzari regarding “no zanneti” ! !
        cry baby ….

    • Andrian Zanetti

      Get this ignorant troll out of here.
      Learn how to write English then fuck your miss marco branca cunt.

      • nozanneti

        no zanneti, you monkey.

  • kofko

    Ohhh our head coach is hiding. Well done mister. U have nothing to say of course as u had no idea what to do during the game….

    • nozanneti

      his “business as usual” …> no idea !

      • Monicaahopkins2

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  • Nerazzurro

    Even Zanetti can be a better coach than Mancini

    • nozanneti

      don’t be so sure …

  • Nu’man ‘Zeus’ Anggara

    so, it’s thohir’s idea to choose mancini. he must responsible for all of this.