Ausilio to Sky: “I’m mad as hell”

February 29, 2016 00:08
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“The ranking speaks for itself. I don’t know many other teams who have succeeded to lose as many points in such a short time as we have. Then it is obvious that you can lose against Juve, it’s the other points that make difference.” That’s how Piero Ausilio began when he was interviewed by SkySport after the match in Turin. “Mancini doesn’t speak because he is practically speechless. He was already feverish before the match,” said the Inter sporting director.

Inter defeatist: why?
“We managed to hurt ourselves. You can’t have defenders slipping at this level. We then repeated again and again, but I didn’t like the start of the second half. The first half we played well, few shots from both teams, but I didn’t like the second half at all. I repeat: apart from the first 15 minutes, we did well. If Icardi gets the ball well, it becomes a scoring chance. I’ll be honest: I’m mad as hell.”

Was this Inter too good before or too bad now?
“The truth lies somewhere in between. For that kind of team, a new project, perhaps to be this far ahead was too much. But even if it goes well, we can’t accept it. We must work hard as early as the next match.”

Did you expect something more from those you have signed?
“Yes. I expected that players we signed to give a little more. I hear the talk of a regista etc… But I say that you can’t be without sacrifice, balls and character. Football can be played in many ways. You don’t lose points against Carpi and Sassuolo because you lack a regista. There are situations that go beyond the technical aspect, they are definitely mental. We will evaluate in the end. Juve created dangerous situations of people slipping or balls caused by ourselves in front of the goal.”

Is there a problem with the coach?
“I have only talked to the players, I have not touched the aspect of the coach. We have a project with him and, as was the case, he will need time which is on our side. The squad is young and the future Inter is built with him.”

But do you need an organizer in midfield?
“There was not that type of player available in January, without naming names. Other teams were either not selling them or if they did so the numbers weren’t passable for us. Rather than doing something just because, we did nothing.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson