Ausilio to Sky: “I’m mad as hell”

February 29, 2016 00:08
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“The ranking speaks for itself. I don’t know many other teams who have succeeded to lose as many points in such a short time as we have. Then it is obvious that you can lose against Juve, it’s the other points that make difference.” That’s how Piero Ausilio began when he was interviewed by SkySport after the match in Turin. “Mancini doesn’t speak because he is practically speechless. He was already feverish before the match,” said the Inter sporting director.

Inter defeatist: why?
“We managed to hurt ourselves. You can’t have defenders slipping at this level. We then repeated again and again, but I didn’t like the start of the second half. The first half we played well, few shots from both teams, but I didn’t like the second half at all. I repeat: apart from the first 15 minutes, we did well. If Icardi gets the ball well, it becomes a scoring chance. I’ll be honest: I’m mad as hell.”

Was this Inter too good before or too bad now?
“The truth lies somewhere in between. For that kind of team, a new project, perhaps to be this far ahead was too much. But even if it goes well, we can’t accept it. We must work hard as early as the next match.”

Did you expect something more from those you have signed?
“Yes. I expected that players we signed to give a little more. I hear the talk of a regista etc… But I say that you can’t be without sacrifice, balls and character. Football can be played in many ways. You don’t lose points against Carpi and Sassuolo because you lack a regista. There are situations that go beyond the technical aspect, they are definitely mental. We will evaluate in the end. Juve created dangerous situations of people slipping or balls caused by ourselves in front of the goal.”

Is there a problem with the coach?
“I have only talked to the players, I have not touched the aspect of the coach. We have a project with him and, as was the case, he will need time which is on our side. The squad is young and the future Inter is built with him.”

But do you need an organizer in midfield?
“There was not that type of player available in January, without naming names. Other teams were either not selling them or if they did so the numbers weren’t passable for us. Rather than doing something just because, we did nothing.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Davie

    great scouting letting bonucci go, maybe thats why you are mad

  • Hamdan

    We have roughly 6 wingers, 5 mediocre full-backs, and 0 creative mid. One does not to be genius to figure out the problem is.

  • Davie

    As you sow, so shall you reap

  • Michael Rojas

    The pregame interview mancini said we must attack more than in the copa. Right, with all defenders on the field are were we exactly going to do that? In the last 10 min when we make our subs for perisic and eder who should have started from the beginning.

    I had hopes for mancini in the beginning but seeing how things are going and what hes doing, im not so sure anymore

    • #4

      I dont bother read Mancini’s pre match interview again. he almost like politician. say anything in front of media, do the opposite at the game

  • Michael Rojas

    IMO we should have kept Kova he atleast got balls up front. Everything i saw yesterday came from the sides nothing through the middle. I have a feeling one of our big stars are goin to leave at the wnd of the season either icardi or handa. We should have looked for a regista at the beginning of the season

  • Seiya20n

    just noticed “There was not that type of player available in January” so they were trying to get one but seems they couldn’t. If I were Ausilio I will be mad but with Mancio!

  • Anton Setiawan

    Obviously Ausilio doesn’t want to be blamed. and I agree with him, without regista we should be able to beat weaker teams like Carpi, Verona, etc.
    Both coach and players should be blamed, but in the end of the day, the responsibility is held more by coach.
    If we fail to reach Champions League, we should get new coach.

  • Oluwaseun Adebayo

    Am very disappointed with the way the team plays. I blamed the coach and the players. To me Mancini doesn’t know what he is doing. Let’s forget about Champions league and believe me Europa league is not 80% sure for us. We need a new coach against next season.

  • R9

    “The first half we played well, few shots from both teams”
    Erm, did we watch the same game, Ausilio? We had 0 (ZERO) shots until the 80th minute.

    And yes Mancini can and should be infuriated, because he is the only mothefucker in the world that I know of that changes complete formations before big games. I don’t know any other idiots that do that, he is the only one.

  • JAY

    he is not playing the players he asked for, he asked for 5 new players and benches every single one and still plays palacio, this coach is the wrong one

    • Wruce Bayne

      palacio is good man but he isn’t 90minutes player anymore

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  • Walter White

    Project my ass….We should have bought a creative midfielder last summer allready. We lost yhis game the moment that coward cunt mancini decidet to field 8 defenders and go for 0-0. You should be mad that Inter play like Carpi! I am fucking ashamed of being Interista today.

  • FreyZa

    i hope u telling him(mancio) in the front of his ears n say : U IDIOT !!!!

    • Sani

      He has to take the whole blame. After all he wanted this players, and if one payer let him down by poor pick out of the bucket of players in the market thats fine. But if you pick 2-3 right out of 15 players, well thats very low ratio.
      If one player from the new arrivals let him down by talent and quality in play, thats fine. But if the same statistic apply from top, well my friend thats a bad management.
      Now there many painful points to be discussed for the reason where we are, where Mancio doesn’t take the whole or the blame at all, but after display like this and the collapse we have after Dec, this is where I point out he finger – bad management by Mancio!

      • FreyZa

        that’s why i really hateeee him now !!! he made us dream about scudetto in the beginning, n now he destroy our INTER!!! T_T

  • Nugross

    Even when Mancio still in city and get a lot of money to spent, what the result?! So what project does Mancio have in here!? The project to bring us up high and then crush us to the ground,, yeah thats is Mancio project. And curiously we still keep him as our beloved coach. Insane.,,

  • macanoo muriidi

    Who do we blame? Madcini or the team?

  • frigo

    I’m really curious what you expect when you decide to play with 9 clearly defensive players against Juventus? How you can expect to gain points and score? In the first place, why you have to mirrored Juventus 3-5-2? Don’t you ever crossing your mind that your beloved “catenaccio” ruin your players mentality, because this is the way relegating teams are forced to play, just because they lack quality? People say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and exciting different results!

    • Inter1998

      new nickname Madcini. Only Capello, Benitez and Rudi Garcia if we sacked Madcini right now.

      • Michael Rojas

        Def not Benitez lol. Hopefully if rumours are true we get Simeone for next season

    • postal

      I wonder when did Mancini take lessons from Mazzarri on how to be an idiotic predictable stubborn old prick. I mean it’s basically the same tactics. Use the fullbacks to create chances while always defending–> the fullbacks suck at that –> no matter, try again –> repeat. It’s the same retarded tactics that Mazzarri used. At least Mazzarri had some excuse cause he didn’t have a strong team. Mancio has so many good players and no clue how to fucking use them.

    • #4

      I dont mind with cattenaccio, what I’m mad about, playing for a draw is not a correct mentality. I can see Inter play for a draw if we against Barca, Madrid, or any club in knock out phase of a tournament. but this is Serie A. and after he lose to many point against mediocre team. he decided to play a draw. fukk me

  • harendro

    I cant sleep

    • JAY

      Im used to it, dont even care anymore, dont even wanno see the standing anymore

      • Sani

        lol…Same here man. Used to open almost every day and see the statistic and everything. Haven’t open since early Jan.

        • JAY

          yea, our goal is now EL, which me might get it since bilan will be runners up in the copa italia and rube will win it