Felipe Melo to IC: “We have to shut up and work harder”

February 29, 2016 00:14
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Felipe Melo spoke to Inter Channel and commented on the game at the Juventus Stadium: “Until the first goal we were there, then we gave away the goal. But we can not speak of the individual, we are Inter and we lost together. Now there is the Tim Cup and we have to do well, then Palermo. No time to cry, we have to shut up and work harder. Now we have two important home games. Today we had chances, missed the goals. After the goal Juve did not have great chances and on the first they scored. We missed that. I believe that no one can talk about wrong attitude, the true Inter fans see that we go for every ball. But we have to score when get the chance. I am not referring only to the strikers, but to everyone. Juve have done it. We should not believe those who speak ill of us on the outside, including newspapers that want to create confusion, we must move forward, work harder, and be quiet.”

Source: fcinternews.it

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Garmalingga Septa K

    Blaming the situation isn’t gonna help. Replying a guy (or guys? or people?) that come here to troll definitely wouldn’t help.

  • nozanneti

    he should be playing at icardi’s position ! !
    he is a brasilian, after all.

  • nozanneti

    just look at that smart face … wonderful !

  • Boudou

    Mancini moved mountains to bring this guy so he could have a midfield composed of Melo, Medel and Kondo.. How the hell is the ball supposed to get forward !?!?! Then u have 5 defenders, I don’t think even Frosinone plays with that many defensive players!

  • kofko

    That is not true. True interisti was lack of fighting. The whole team was watching juve play but of course we had a midweek game in the champions league.

  • DeJePeh

    There’s always at least one idiot in Inter.. We managed to offload Rano and Guarin, but now D’Ambrosio takes their places.. What the f**k were you doing when you headed that ball to Bonucci?? For F**k sake, BONUCCI!! The traitor, the player I hate the most.. F**k you D’Ambrosio!!

    • nii hao

      Its understandable you’re angry. Di’ambrosio screwed up but he was solid before that. We have serious problems with any set piece also the clearance technique does not match that of professional players who train almost everyday!

      • Monicaahopkins2

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    • nozanneti

      What the f**k were you doing when you headed that ball to Bonucci??
      ——————— even former inter player always have that “inter look”, no matter the shirt …

  • macanoo muriidi

    He took over guarin, u not worth this club get the f out of here, I see what u traying 2 do, i see through u, I know guys like u hypocrit cunt.

    • Jake

      Even guaro doesn’t do as bad stuff, atleast he scored goals and assisted! No one can do it now!

      • macanoo muriidi

        True but some people in here have the trend to defend this guy, who doesn’t add anything to the team, I’m sure u play football and in any team u have those players, or a friend who always talks and says what the team or the fans in this case want 2 here,he doesn’t contribute anything to the team, but he’s always there example ( guys we lost this time next time)( it’s one of mates) u know why he’s doing that he knows he has nuffin to contribute exempt those talks, but he will keep hes place in the team, because there is always fools like him who believes what he’s saying is right I call those weak hearted cunt.

        • Inter1998

          Errr…our Legend JZ?

  • Alex

    Though I’m no Melo fan, I really like his statements. Mancini fielded every defensive minded player except Icardi, and lost 2-0. Shame on the whole club