Zanetti to RAI: “We’re not the same team we were before Christmas”

February 29, 2016 00:23
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“It’s a heavy defeat, but much of the responsibility is ours – this is the comment of vice president Javier Zanetti to La Domenica Sportiva at the end of the match at Juventus Stadium -. It’s time to react and take some more responsibility. There are too many matches that were lost after Christmas, we are no longer who we were at that time. We have to work more than before and go out with great responsibility in this situation. Now there is a lack of trust, belief… This leads to all these defeats. Now we have to miss as little as possible, in these two months we have been very bad.”

Regarding the choices of Mancini, Zanetti said: “I think we have guys who are understanding what it means to wear the Inter shirt and I think these difficult times can help them acquire even more personality. Roberto always tries to field the best from what he sees in the week. We have many alternatives for the attack but right now we can not do what we did until Christmas. We lost solidity, now we have to regain firmness and certainty.”

Milan are just one point behind: “We must look forward, not only care about Milan. Up front they have gained ground, there are still 11 games left, we hope to gather the necessary points to get something important at the end of the season. The Champions League is an important goal, it gives you prestige and for a club like Inter it must be the minimum target. If we don’t reach it we will try to build something that will help us improve. I often speak with Moratti, even he expressed regret, but he is close to us. We want to get out of this all together.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • igo

    no offense, I idolize JZ just like any other great captain inter had ever had. but…if it was a dumb comment. well, yeah. im sorry jz. but it was.

    as a player your humble personality is really great. but as a representation a VP person, while your Mr P just hanging abroad, well i think VP responsibility was not a spokesperson. I hope more than that, wake that manager up and get the lazy ass of the team to work as a team!! not just to please their manager or their captain!! as melo said. just shut up and better play.

  • nozanneti

    dear zanneti,
    you planed to play and this season, but mazzari cut you off like a worn out rug. what a shame ! you could have been playing in the last derby, man ! what a shame to cut off such a genius ! your intellectual strenght is now making difference out of the pitch. no more running to nowhere on the pitch…
    it is interesting that both, mazzari and “you the legend” are still receiving quite a big money from inter DOING NOTHING ! what are you tasks ? any of them? playing “the legend” ?!? any responsibility ?!? no, of course,… just throwing empty and senseless words at morons and sheeple part of fans.
    oh yes, you are “the legend running to nowhere on the pitch”, a great intellectual, a highly educated person, son of a simple mason worker, … “the legend” ! if you are so clever, why not try to coach in inter, starting from the first grade, from the bottom,… no ambitions like that, you “great, great man and legend” ?!? how come ?!? no guts, no brain for dealing with A REAL JOB and not playing “THE FACE” ?!
    still, I prefer a man with brains and hopefuly with some education.
    nozanneti • a minute ago

  • Musavie Abdillah

    either we don’t know happen between Christmas until now.
    or we were just lucky before Christmas and run out of luck after

  • nii hao

    Talk is cheap, every day we hear this and Idk mancini said that and the player said this and thohir says we want to do that and then Ausilio says we will do this then when its game time nothing from what they say happens, then mancini doesn’t say anything and after than zanetti comes to talk in usual manner calmly and promises the fans that we want to do better and how Inter is great, its like the think we are stupid or living in some fantasy world.

    • Boudou

      I have been reading for the past 4 years: “we are Inter, our aim is always to win… blabla”… and then I see a team playing like we’re trying to avoid relegation

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