Orsi: “The reason Inter let Bonucci go was because…”

February 29, 2016 13:48
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Italy's Bonucci drinks before his team's international friendly soccer match against Russia ahead of Euro 2012 in Zurich

Speaking on Radio Radio, Nando Orsi, a former coach at Inter, praised Leonardo Bonucci, the player who last night opened the scoring in Juve-Inter: “He is one of the greatest central defenders in the world. If I was at Juve I would hold on to him, because he is still young and has great character. I know him well, I made many trips together with him when he was at Inter. The Nerazzurri didn’t believe in him because they had great defenders like Samuel and Materazzi. The boy was also lucky to find the right coaches.”

Source: fcinternews.it

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Wruce Bayne

    it’s Rano’s fault!

  • igo

    nah, the only regret i was looking at when they caught that barzagly guy and building their best defending with those trio, when just chiellini and bonucci at that time, maybe they end up like rano and juan…no offense, but not getting better. but yeah, i agree that inter, whoever the manager is almost never believes in young players. if we did, we end up selling them (balo, martins, cou, kova,..etc) andddd…we just stuck as a recycle bin

    • Inter1998

      TBH, Inter sometimes trust young player like Ronaldo, Frey, Joel Obi,JJ and now Murillio. I can tell you Inter already have a great scout. They know very potential player. Let just be realistic. For example this season, do we really gonna play Manaj instead of Jovetic, Palacio, Ljajic or Icardi. Gnokouri played just few minutes and make mistake in Sampdoria. That’s why if I’m Inter coach I will play at least one Primavera player in every match. Barcelona do this..And look how they can sell their Primavera Player with huge price tag. Make money not spend money.

      • igo

        we trusted them then sold them. look at MU, madrid, barca, bayern. at least there is one from their youngsters bloom and be their stars in their glorious years. and about the realistic thing, we happened to repeat that system every year (trusting experience player but not a winner), and nowhere we got. just mid-table. we had success in late 2000s with the experience but a less investing in youngsters, and risking every money that we had. we only got trophies for about 5 years. so, for the realistic thing is right now what path will we do? what the revolutionary thing must we do? no offense, but if we manage to follow moratti steps just buying and sacking, probably we will get another trophy in 10-15 years later. IMO

  • mo

    The reason Inter let Bonucci go was because…inter dont trust their youngsters!!! we prefer washed up players like melo instead!

  • postal

    He’s one of the few Juve players I respect alongside with Buffon, Marchisio and Hernanes. It still hurts me that we let him go so easily and now he’s one of the best in the world while we’re stuck with Rannochia and D’Umbrosio…

  • Davie

    They do not lack the cow until the booth is empty

  • nozanneti

    just one in long list of inter failures and disastrous way of thinking … moratti school.

    • Massimo Moratti

      And you are example of daddy raped boy…

      • Naif Aldalaan

        Wow, easy Massimo

    • harendro

      no. either its rano or him, they’re destined to fail at this period of time.