Galatasaray reduce Telles price to tempt Inter into buying permanently

March 30, 2016 17:28
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Alex Telles’ future at the nerazzurri has been a big talking point as of late. Despite Piero Ausilio’s words stating that the loan deals wilil be sorted at the end of the season, talks with Galatasaray could be conducted within a month. The Brazilian fulback moved to Inter this past summer for a loan worth 1.3 million euros, while the redemption fee is set at 8.5 million euros. The total figure is quite high for Inter, and they have an agreement with the player for his contract. Mancini’s side are not willing to invest this fee while Caner Erkin could arrive for free.

Turkish source Sabah are reporting that Galatasaray will lower their demands by 1 million euros. This would mean that Inter have to pay 7.5 million euros for Telles. The question of whether Inter will trigger the clause or not is yet to be known. The next few days could prove decisive.

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • JAY

    for this price he is awesome, but I heard that inter pulled out of erkins pursuit

  • nozanneti
  • nozanneti

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    mancio, DON’T LET US DOWN ! ! !

  • Octo

    Surely this is an obvious move? Telles at LB and enquire about Fabinho at RB. Our defence would then be rock solid. (Medel can play at the back remember) We can sell every spare full back or reduce their salaries appropriately as benchwarmers. Jojo would leave to compensate and we could be more willing to not redeem Ljajic if we get Banega. Summer business nearly complete right there

    • JAY

      i love jojo

      • Octo

        Because of all those amazing goals he’s scored for us recently, right? :p

        • JAY

          no I always loved him even when he played for fiore and even scored against us , he is such a joy to watch

  • interista13

    This should be a no brainer, how could we not redeem our best fullback for base price? I’d love to see Telles and Masina as our two LBs next season. They’re both young and around the same level, which could provide good competition for the starting spot to ensure they strive for top form.

    • Alex

      I agree on the best FB statement; however, Mancini doesn’t believe in him, and it would be dumb to invest 8m for a bench warmer.

      • interista13

        Oddly enough, I didn’t think Mancini believed in him much either, but according to, Telles actually has the most appearances and minutes out of all of Inter’s FBs so far this season. Although, he hasn’t played in slightly over a month, which could show that Mancini has lost faith in him recently, but I can’t see as to why.

    • Søren

      Well, it isn’t a no brainer, if Mancio feels Erkin is better. Personally i don’t know anything about this Erkin guy, but if he is free and better then why not skip Telles and save the money? Like I said, I don’t know who is the better player, but if Erkin really is better, a free target and can be a piece in the puzzle that gives opportunities to other investments, then go for Erkin.

      • #4

        I think that’s the problem. IF, thats a risk that this Erkin can’t adapt with Serie A and there will be Shaqiri 2.0, Montoya 2.0 and we back Naga-DAmbrosio. I dont mind if we let Telles go, but I kinda have problem with ‘Mancini looking for a player while we dont have much money’