Lotito will request 30 million for Candreva

April 27, 2016 18:41
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Many clubs are on the lookout for Lazio Forward Antonio Candreva . The Repubblica gives a view of what might be the future of the winger  of Lazio, approached from Napoli, Milan, Fiorentina and of course, Inter.  In particular, Inter are in pole position, as also Juventus, who are strongly  interested in the player. Claudio Lotito starts by requesting 30 million euros.


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • hokiM

    in rest of season, everything i hope for is palermo to relegate…so we can buy vasquez cheaper…but we must be smart, and show interes for him…

  • Musavie Abdillah

    go home son, you’re drunk

  • casperv

    The latest is that he seems determined to leave and – according to rumors – he is going to demand to be sold in mid Mai, and then his price will drop dramatically!

    • La Selecta

      it better drop to somewhere under 20mil

  • Джокерфен

    Lotito will give us this mediocre shit for 15 milion,but I don’t take him even for free..

  • indra nugraha

    simply overpriced

  • mongkih

    lotito is smoking the same weeds as pagliuca does. what a nice stuff.

    • Adrian Raditya


  • Eusebio

    I will lose my mind if we actually pay 30mill, even 20mill.

    • Sports enthusiast

      No more than 80% of the cost for Peresic. What was that figure?
      Thus article is nonsense.

  • Binto Baggio

    So many proven and cheap young talents, like franco vazquez, soriano, sansone, but we want to buy this old expensive candreva, I dont think so

    • Saudijac_30

      I agree with you on everything except that vazquez would come cheap

      • JAY

        real expensive too, atleast 30m

    • JAY

      next season we will hopefully have toure, biglia, texiera, vasquets as a midfield

      • La Selecta

        man with no champions league how are we going to afford these names? Toure’s wages alone make it impossible.

        • JAY

          toure is not the same anymore he is older and city is the one that spoiled him, we are inter he will have a wage cut definitely a big wage cut

          • La Selecta

            yes EPL clubs spoil their guys but now that MLS and China are viable options…i just dont see him taking that wage cut. i know he has mentioned not wanting to go to those places, but now a days money talks.

  • Jarden Tobing


  • syahrul sembarang

    Wow…i think its only us that put “discount sale” on our player every summer.

    • JAY

      we sell for dirt cheap

  • nozanneti

    hahahaa, 8-10mill maximun for a future FLOP !!

    • JAY

      wow finally agree with you on something, he will be a flop, he will get stock and not be able to attack

      • nozanneti

        I+m glad you are getting wiser ;-)))

  • local-sloth

    30M is okay for 29 y/o footballer if your shirt has ‘Dmitri Payet’ written on it.

  • Alphonse

    Lotito, Zamparini, De Laurentis… I have no words, they’ll never sell us a good player for reasonable price

  • Michael Rojas

    As much as id like to have Candreva at inter, for 30mil he isnt worth it. Id rather have Berardi

    • indra nugraha

      cannot agree more about Berardi, such as good young player, perfect for palacio replacement

  • postal

    We should enter the bidding war for him and in the end let Bilan take him for 40. Just for giggles.

    • Saudijac_30

      hehehe this 2 clubs are arch rivals on the stands and on the field, but they respect each other very much and people in management of 2 clubs know each other very well and wouldn’t do such a thing…

  • harendro

    We respect the player, but that amount is just too much

  • Walter White

    Lotito can go and fuck himself! He´s 29 and he ain´t Robben or Costa. Boufal would be awesome…like Vitolo or Bellaraby for that kind of money.

    • Nerazzurro

      Boufal is the winger we lack, that explosive type of player with pace and dribbling ( an upgraded Biabiany )

  • ezekiel

    30m!? go to hell, we’ll find someone else.. bye..

  • hokiM

    lol…no one from italy would pay 30m…maybe someone of stupid epl clubs…

    • JAY

      true, he did the same with biglia and manu almost paid and same for felipe Anderson don’t even ask he will say 70m lol

  • kofko

    That guy lives in a fantasy world

  • Massimo Moratti

    I would propose him 10 + Rano and he should be happy!

  • Abhinaya Ananda

    30m for Candreva? I’ll better buy Lacazette or Boufal with that amount of money

    • Nerazzurro

      Boufal, cuz first we need a winger.

      • Sherrilljmorelock2

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  • Nerazzurro

    OMG 30m for him? No way.

    • JAY

      remember when he was at loan at rube with option to buy for like 7m ? lol they didn’t even exercise their option and sent him back like a piece of shit