Pagliuca: “Inter, get Dzeko.”

April 27, 2016 11:30
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Gianluca Pagliuca

Former Inter goalkeeper Gianluca Pagliuca wants Inter to get Edin Dzeko.

“Why not? Should Icardi stay, and he gets injured, who will score the goals? Palacio? I am convinced that the Roma striker will start scoring again. And I am convinced that a good and reliable player is needed in the middle, Verratti would be perfect, but since he is out of reach I say Soriano.”


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • local-sloth

    So if you happened to manage a football club one day remember, don’t give your ex goalie too many prednisone.

  • InterFin

    Unlike most of you I would actually like to have in our team if we could get him with a reasonable price. We need another option for Icardi and to me he would be good. I’d take agamble on him. He was the reason Roma equalized against us in the last meeting. They were so much more dangerous after he came in…

    • Nerazzurro

      :))))))) Man, he tried to shoot, but he is so shit that he accidentally passed the ball

    • Inter1998

      You’re wrong..that bcoz Inter still conceded in 80++ minutes. Nothing to do with Dzeko. Just like last match against Udinese, we almost screw up 2-2. Pure luck that goal.

      • InterFin

        I was referring to the fact that the minute he entered the pitch, Roma took control of the game and then scored the goal. His presence put us in all kinds of trouble. fact

  • Michael Rojas

    I can deinetly agree that we need someone in the middle but we also need a RW not another striker and def not Dzeko. We have Eder and Jojo if we keep him. Plus I’d rather have Palacio than Dzeko

  • postal

    Pagliuka, get antipsychotics.

  • scudzeko..

  • Inter_Per_Sempre

    I hope my fellow SempreInter comrades noted the burn he unleashed on La Trenza.

    “Who will score all the goals? Palacio?”


  • inter_island

    Eder will come good next season… And Icardi, just how he plays, rarely ever gets injured…

  • postal

    Who will score? How about Jovetic? Eder? Perisic?

    • casperv

      non of them are true box-players like Icardi and Dzeko… maybe getting Dzeko on a loan deal like Roma had him would make sense…

      • Deji

        Dzeko sucks bro lol his inconsistency to me outweigh his talent

        • casperv

          I liked him when playing for City… and Mancini knows him very wel… but true, he has sucked for Roma

  • febri haryadi

    You are drunk, legend

    • JAY

      lol, worst recommendations

  • Alphonse

    Is he drunk or crazy?

    • Sports enthusiast

      I think he is playing a sick joke on Mancini. Dzeko?

  • Zoki

    How about no hahahaha. Džeko has been on front pages more times because of his horrendus misses rather than goals. One of the biggest flops this season.

    • JAY

      the biggest

  • Inter1998

    We already have Eder

  • Nerazzurro

    What about no?