BBC – Erkin already did the medical examinations with Inter

April 29, 2016 22:26
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Caner Erkin is getting closer to Inter: according to the online edition of BBC, Fenerbahçe full-back, ended recently out squad but then reinstated, conducted medical examinations in secret for Inter already six weeks ago, event made possible because Erkin’s contract with the Istanbul club is expiring.

The final decision about his engagement will be taken in the market summit after Inter-Empoli Saturday, May 7, but if there will not be a hitch here is that the left-back will be officially another Inter free transfer after Ever Banega.


Source: BBC.

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Binto Baggio

    He has skills, vision and determination, and he is for free, what else do we want in this economic condition? Go all with it and do it fast

  • syahrul sembarang

    well i guess its time to say good bye to telles,

  • SebIngrosso

    great, we have officially become the #1 collectors of mediocre fullbacks. hopefully this one can have more than 5 good games/season

  • Zselic

    great, we have officially become the #1 collectors of mediocre fullbacks

  • harendro

    Good news

    • Violet Sullivan

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