GDS – Thohir will have a meeting to discuss the next transfer window and…

April 29, 2016 22:20
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Erick Thohir has called a summit meeting regarding the upcoming transfer window in the hours after Inter vs Empoli, scheduled for kick-off at 18.00 CET on May7th, Gazzetta dello Sport reveals. “During this meeting, several aspects will be considered, aside from the partnership with the Chinese investors the issue of the stadium will also be discussed as Inter’s meetings with AC Milan continue week by week. Also, realistic transfer targets as well as the economic reality to other clubs interest in Inter’s “big name” players will also be discussed, in order to be able to sign the players Mancini wants.” The newspaper reports further that everyone is to be evaluated, as Conte continues to press for Perisic who Inter consider unsellable.


Source: GDS.

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Джокерфен

    Just sack this idiot Mancini,please and after that make transfers..

  • mongkih

    the board may discuss whatever they like as long as there’s no branca-like-idea-of-bringing-in-mr-x mentioned -______-“

  • iman

    yeah the players he wants..
    shaqiri, podolski, ljaic, jovetic, telles..

    it shoud be the players mancini wants (to bench to destroy their carreers)

    • InterGuy

      Shaqiri didn;t play well actualy and he is also incosistent as you can see in the BPL!Papers and many articles said that he deserved to play in the Championship instead of the premier league!
      Podolski had a mediocre carrerr after he went to arsenal and he was just loaned!
      Ljajic is a good player but we all know he is kind of selfis,we said Mancini did too!PLUS he is not playing so that we won;t have to buy him cause he needed 3 games i think so that we must had buy him permanatly!
      I don;t know about Jovetic!After his Injury he disappered for no reason!
      Telles is still realy young and as Inter we cannot anymore 11mil for a back up or a future left back!
      PLUS he has made some good transfers and brought players that have been in the starting XI week in week out! 🙂

      • Violet Sullivan

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      • Джокерфен

        Really so blind Mancio fans still have.He destroy so many good players.Shaq come from Bayern not from Serie B.He was a top player,but Mancio destroy him.Ljajic is amazing player and we must to buy him but we won’t.He also sign this shit Melo.What a shame.Kondo also is a complete failure until now..

        • casperv

          Just go and watch your beloved Zaza, Dybala and Pogba! Onone really needs wanna be fans!

    • syahrul sembarang

      Honestly careers of most player that you mention, already destroyed by their previous club, except telles perhaps