Mauro Icardi could join PSG

April 29, 2016 23:43
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Mauro Icardi 1






According to French media outlet BuzzSport, Paris Saint Germain is still after Mauro Icardi. The Inter captain could replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Parc des Princes. Inter, after failing to qualify for Champions League, need money and the strong relations between the two clubs could ease the deal.


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Solberg – Norway

    if strong relations means at least €60m to inter then yes..

  • FB

    Icardi will be a busy guy next season considering he will be playing for PSG, Chelsea, Roma, Man Utd, Real Madrid .. Luckily for us, Wanda seems to like the city of Milano

  • eermat

    Hopefully we can keep Icardi and get some quality players. I’d be excited to see what Icardi could do with Banega feeding him! 🙂 But if we must sell him then 30M and Lucas Moura would do.

  • hokiM


  • Inter1998

    Next summer we send out Rano, Dodo, Telles, Ljajic and maybe Santon.
    And we sign Erkin and Banega. So just 3 signing n RB, CM and AMR. No need to sell Icardi.

  • Wruce Bayne

    80 million and he’s all yours

  • Chalon

    Only if they offer Cavani plus cash.

  • InterGuy

    This will be a step back in my opinion!We need to keep our best players and sell the dead weight and Icardi is not considered “dead weight”!
    I prefer selling 3 “mediocre” players to buy 1 “good” than sell 1 “good” to buy 3 “mediocre”!

    • Violet Sullivan

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  • JAY

    that’s ok just not less than 50m