Fifa decision – Sunderland has to pay Inter for Alvarez

April 30, 2016 11:24
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According to La Gazzetta dello Sport Inter have won the case against Sunderland regarding Ricky Alvarez.

“FIFA have decided after examining all the paperwork in the case that Inter were correct, Sunderland refused to pay Inter the agreed upon 10,5 million euros (if Sunderland avoided relegation).”

The English club did not want to pay due to the player’s physical issues, it is likely that the last chapter in this has yet to be written. But considering that he is now at Sampdoria, where he is playing without problems has helped Inter in the case, writes la Gazzetta.

Now Inter want the money to be paid in July so as to be able to spend them on transfers, but it is very likely that Sunderland will appeal the decision.


Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
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  • mongkih

    got a word from indonesian language that rhymes up with their name. sundal. it means bitch :/ in which described them well.

    • Adrian Raditya

      nice one gan.. :))

      • mongkih

        hahahahahaha :))

  • Binto Baggio

    Dont forget the interest that we should have earned from the money if we put it in the bank, we should also claim for that

  • Zoki

    Hahaha fuck those Sunderland cunts. They spammed and argued so much that they won’t buy him. Well, look how it turned out .Fuck ’em.

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    • postal

      Now they’ll appeal for a couple of years and stall until they can. And if they manage to get relegated forget about it.

      • Zoki

        Yeah they will appeal like bitches for sure, but them being relegated has no effect in the case. The clause was clearly signed for 14/15 season only.