Lazio-Inter presser: “Banega? I don’t know if he has signed.”

April 30, 2016 13:13
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Torino FC v FC Internazionale Milano - Serie A

Just three games left of the season and with Roma still ahead by seven points, the goal for Inter is to finish the season well and keep fourth place ahead of Fiorentina. Even though Mancini still says third might be possible.

Will these three games be good for the players that seek to remain at Inter? 

“All players have given their all, from the first day until today. Nobody has pulled back, and I am happy about this. To respond to your question, I say no. We need to do well, then we will see tomorrow. We need to go for the third spot until the end.”

Is Banega the right man for Inter?

“We are talking about an Argentina national team player, I do not know if he has signed already. He is now at Sevilla.”

Will all the big names stay?

“I want to make the team better, I can’t know how just yet. Our objective is to become better, we are a big club and we are on the right path for this. So it is possible.”

Juventus are destined to win for quite some time yet?

“It is surely the best team, it has built a stadium that is a fundamental aspect. They finish above the others with a lot of points every year, they have invested and bought great players.”

Is Felipe Melo out of the national team due to the journalists? 

“I would not know, this is not a question for me.”

What are the regrets of this season? 

“Let us wait for the end before answering, we want to become better as I said. But you need to go through some disappointments, it is not a disastrous season, but the interisti need to know that. We are fourth behind three teams that are stronger. The first half of the season we got criticism without any foundation, the fans need to know that the drop is normal, but our year is great.”

How come Simeone’s Atletico is being hailed, unlike the Inter of the beginning of the season?

“Every team has it’s style of play, they have invested a lot as well and they are a big club. They have won and gained results, they have done important things the last years. I would like to compliment Simeone.”

Mancini then adds: “Fiorentina is also better than us, they have played together for years and they have a great coach. I do not change my mind from the beginning of the season. But I do take on my responsibilities.”

Why do you think the other teams are better?

“Technical values and for the fact that they have played together for years.”

Why do you give yourself an insufficient grade? 

“Because I am the one responsible, but as I said the season is still great.”

Have you already identified the two top players?

“It will depend on a lot of things, it is hard to reply right now. Sometimes you need to change targets, but they need to be players who are ready.”

Why is it so hard for Inter to find young players who are ready?

“First we need to organize the aspects tied to FFP, our scouting team remains very important. After this we will be able to operate, but playing at Inter is not easy at all.”

You, as is right say that Touré is a City player and that it is hard to sign players. But should the possibility to sign him present itself, would you take the chance or is it no longer an option? 

“I would not know, because it is hard to say now what can happen in the transfer window. What I said before stands.”

We know that it is something to be discussed between the clubs, but if it were up to you would you redeem Telles and Ljajic? 

“They have enormous technical qualities, even though Ljajic could do so much more. Telles on the other hand is young and can develop year by year.”

Mancini then continues: “I want to compliment Crotone who have reached the serie A for the first time. I also want to salute Inzaghi who was my teammate and who will be coaching Lazio tomorrow. Ranieri? I think that is done now, but I don’t know when they will seal it for the title. The fact that he can win the title is good for our football, it is not easy winning with a team like Leicester. I am happy for him.”


How is a feat like that possible? 

“This is the beauty of football, and it is necessary to glorify feats like these. I think it is difficult to do something similar in Italy though, while it can happen in England. Not always, but it can happen. On the other sides of the scale, you can have negative seasons like the one for Aston Villa. The most important aspect regards the tactics, it is hard t play in a different way. Some Leicester players have had an extraordinary season as has happened with other clubs in the past. We are all happy for Leicester, it is an ex team of mine, and as I said before Ranieri deserves this.”

Will Ljajic be called up?

“He had a problem in training today so he will not be available.”

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