Zanetti: “Simeone is happy at ATM. Mancini must…”

May 28, 2016 18:54
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'Che Tempo Che Fa' TV Show - May 25th 2014


Inter Vice president Javier Zanetti illustrated club’s future in his long interview with Marca :”We want to get back in the Champions League and Mancini is doing a great job. Also Simeone is happy at Atletico. He left good memories here, he has Inter at his heart and in the future it might happen. Not at the moment though, we have Mancini and we must respect him.”

On Banega he said: “We got him for his personality, for his quality and because his profile will increase our level as a squad and this is what we will keep trying to do when signing new players. To place Inter where it deserves to be. We must also do well in the Europa League. Also before buying, because of the FFP, we must also sell some players.”



By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • nozanneti

    a decent definition of zanneti;
    brainless, gibberish peasant.

    • inter_island

      *a decent definition of nozanneti.
      brainless, gibberish peasant.’

      You forgot out the NO in your name.. you are as bad with English as Jube is at counting stars..

      • nozanneti

        island ?!? what island ?!?

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        • inter_island


          • nozanneti

            just follow my posts, goo boy.

  • giointer

    simeone with saul and koke in inter do thise,do thise pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Saudijac_30

    C mon guys, told you manny times just ignore this idiot who cant even spell Zanetti right but is talking about education.

  • fantantonio99

    whoaa…having read the troll’s comments (you know who), I said to myself: “no wonder there were so many civil wars on that region”

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      • Liverpool 39 Juventus 00

        Dis kindergarten finish early today bubbleboy?

        • local-sloth

          Did you forget to turn on your telly? For helping to create new set of rules for syntax, semantics, and grammar in English, he was awarded by the Guiness Book of Record for ‘the only humanoid ever to be expelled from kindergarten’

        • nozanneti

          the truth hurts ,… hehehe

  • local-sloth

    In short, yes. Don’t let him heard that. It’ll hurt his feeling you know…. He’s a football fan.

    • ezekiel

      lol.. hahahaha..”Don’t let him heard that though…”, you guys already let him read it.. XD

  • local-sloth

    Ah but he’s a football fan you know..

    The Maker mold him out of genuine high-grade, personally signed by George Best and Maradona, World Cup level adidas ball, the most expensive one at that. Unfortunately, like any ball there’s nothing but air inside. Nothing but air.

  • fuckmancio

    i want these rumours from last days to be true so so much…
    Everton consider to bring back Mancini in England!

  • nozanneti

    thohir: we are going to take the best young talents to the club ..blah, blah, blah ,…
    Brazilian youngster ‘not thinking’ about Inter Milan move.
    Rio de Janeiro, May 29 (IANS) Highly-rated Brazilian midfielder Otavio
    has played down media reports linking him with a move to Italian
    football giants Inter Milan.
    The 22-year-old has been compared to Italy World Cup winger Gennaro
    Gattuso after a string of fine performances for Brazilian Serie A club
    Atletico Paranaense and Brazil’s U-23 team, reports Xinhua.

    • hokiM

      in brasil, source of creativy and techniq players, we going for “new gatusso” even we still not have playmaker, wtf….
      please god, no!!!!!!

      • nozanneti

        THAT IS todays’ inter,… small minded people.

  • nozanneti

    Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure is expected to reject a move to Inter as he intends to remain in the English Premier League.
    The 33-year-old Ivory Coast international has been linked with the
    Nerazzurri in the past and Biscione coach Roberto Mancini would like to
    coach the player again after his stint with the Citizens, but the
    midfielder is keen to stay in England.
    hey old-fashioned yayaayayaa,
    you saved inter from their STUPID MORONS _ thohir and mancio- idiot the great !

  • nozanneti

    zanneti is just an overated and typical inter so-called player.
    is WORTH MORE THAN THE WHOLE BRAINLESS RUNNING of that bricklayer’s son at the pitch.
    those argentinian morons like bricklayer and cambiasso and their club within the club kept that ugly face massimo in their clutches and prevented REAL PLAYERS TO SUCCEED IN INTER. ibra was talking about that absurd to the ugly face moratti…
    now that brainless runner and bricklayer is playing the role of a “inter giant (ahahaha) ” instead of someone who is realy smart like pirlo.
    why roberto baggio didn’t want to consider his come back to inter although the ugly face “had offered him to come back and work (something) in inter” ? the answer is written above… didn’t want to be permanently obstructed by argentino-mafia and IDIOTS.
    NONONONONONO zanneti, the guy with undeveloped brain … he is talking like a politican whore, no sense, just lies and “correctness” … LIAR !!
    thank you dear mazzari, you were an idiot but you did the RIGHT THING WITH THOSE argentino-mafia and kicked them out to the space.
    bricklayer wanted to play for the NEXT TWO YEARS in inter and cambi much longer … ahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa, BRAINLESS PLAYERS.
    —————— pirlo, roberto baggio , …. TRUE PLAYERS !
    sheeple part of fans, read it again and LEARN IT BY HEART !
    hehehehehe, … no chance for idiots !

    • postal

      Have you considered taking antipsychotic medication?

      • local-sloth

        Prolly what happens when his doctor misdiagnose dyslexia for hemorrhoid.

  • ezekiel

    one thing for sure, after read and analized all his comments, i realized that he is a fan of kovacic.. LOL..

    • Liverpool 39 Juventus 00

      He thinks I am a Serb for some reason. What an odd character.

      • ezekiel

        he’s just an idiot that still mourning because we decide to sell kova for big money.. and what amazed me, there are people that upvoted this idiot sometimes.. don’t they know that this idiot is just our hatter.. how come an interista say no to zanneti!? LOL

  • nozanneti

    your dear father was a simple bricklayer. a hard but honest profession. you didn’t want to follow his path, it looked too hard to you… so you started running with ball at the pitch.
    have you graduated at some or any school ? are you educated ? how did you work on your education ?
    running at the pitch by using strong legs and lungs is not the same as using brain outside of the pitch, at the office.
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    • Liverpool 39 Juventus 00

      Hey Bubble boy. Crybaby Kovacic did not even make the bench for the UCL final. This wisest business Inter have done in years.

      • ezekiel

        kovacic just another overated talent that overhyped by his fans..

      • Seiya20n

        good one!

    • local-sloth

      Son, education does not make one a man. Just like trolling and basically making yourself look stupid on the internet does not make one a genius.

      I sincerely hope you’ll learn some manners soon. Cheers

      • nozanneti

        making yourself look stupid on the internet does not make one a genius.
        ——————- a nice confession, congrats ! thank you my dear friend it might help you, I hope.

        • local-sloth

          Well…. would you look at that gents! it’s definitely an improvement, since this padawan don’t even use profanities anymore, and generally trying to be politely insulting (WIP).

          We’ll produce an unmistakable prove that a modern-day Neanderthal is at least partially human. Stay tune folks!

      • Nerazzurro

        He’s not a troll, man. He is totally retarded, he really believes what he writes, he doesn’t even know how to write “Zanetti”.

        • local-sloth

          Ahhh well… I know he’s a total vegetable, still…. it makes him a perfect stunt-double for troll in Tolkienverse. So I guess the troll label sticks for now.