SM: Inter in for 8m rated Bartra

May 30, 2016 22:41
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SportMediaset‘s recent reports suggest that Barcelona’s Marc Bartra is close to joining the Nerazzurri ahead of Fiorentina. Inter’s first move will be an 8 million euro bid, a figure seen as an acceptable starting point for the Spaniard. It is very likely that Barcelona will include a buy back clause which could ultimately lessen the cost further.

Source: SportMediaset

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Mamoun

    Can someone pls tell or show Tohir that our absolute priority is to fire Mancini, he will ruin us with his shitty tactics and transfers…

  • Mamoun

    Same level as Ranoshit

  • interista13

    would much rather sign Mammana or only take Bartra on loan with an option to buy to see if he can adapt, and if not send him right back like Montoya..

  • Interfan99

    Rather go for N’ Kolou of Marseille for free

    • ezekiel

      n’kolou not very convincing this season.. made a lot mistake, almost like JJ..

      • Binto Baggio

        N’koulou can be a good back up for M&M and he is free, a good gambling If we signed him

        • JAY

          no more m and m murilo is gone after the copa only a 19m release clause is needed which many clubs will trigger

  • Vincent Chandra

    Only as a back up and not M&M’s replacement

  • nozanneti

    hello MONTOYA, ops, I mean bartra. come here … when are you leaving inter ??
    hehehe, yet another flop ! !!

    • casperv

      this dude is actually very talented and could be a fine back up to M&M – the 8 mil could be founded with a 9-10 mil sale of JJ

      • Rico

        They’re all talented, the problem is Montoya was more interested in Barca than Inter. The issue with getting all this talent from Barca is that they grew up in that system and Barca is winning big, there is no reason they want to leave, and if they do leave, they want to go back so they can go and play with the likes of Messi, Pique, Suarez.

      • nozanneti

        some people are simply not capable of learning from the previous events … very sad !

      • Binto Baggio

        If we want to gambling for a benchwarmer, better spent to free agent like n’koulou,

        • ezekiel

          i think bartra is more likely to challenged for the starting position with murillo.. but the only problem with barca players are most of them are too arogant to learn new system in other league.. as result most of them were flop, when playing for other team.. just hope we make the right the decision in this one.. we don’t want to see another montoya, that already have the wrong mentality on his firstday with us..

    • Inter_RMX

      I was going to say “next Montoya”? 😀

      • nozanneti

        exactely,… mancio has a great expertise for flops !!