Suning could acquire majority shares in Inter, Moratti could exit club while Thohir would remain

May 31, 2016 23:50
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Sky Sport have given important updates regarding the negotiations between Erick Thohir and the Suning Commerce Group. Sky say that in the next few hours the Chinese group could acquire the majority of Inter shares that could pass in Zhang Jindong‘s hands. It is believed that the SCG value the nerazzurri at around 650 million euro.

Sky also reported that former president Massimo Moratti could be close to selling all his shares and would therefore exit the club entirely: Suning would take all 30% of Moratti’s shares and 30% of Thohir’s  total shares, understood to be around 60/70%. Thohir would remain a minority shareholder and as a reward for his efforts since taking over Inter, he could well remain president of the club still.

The deal could and should be concluded by the Summer especially after a number of meetings in recent days have sped up the process. The deal itself will have no impact on Inter’s market and the current FFP figures will stand.

Source: Sky Sport

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • nozanneti

    collecting money is the prime moratti sport.
    adieu, ugly face !
    hehehe …

  • Dani Milekić

    I have no problem with a takeover if they will invest and help the club.

    • Elizabethhbormann4

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    • interista13

      they won’t be able to help much in the mercato, but perhaps they can get us moving with the stadium..

      • Dani Milekić

        Hopefully you’re right. Suning is a huge company with much more money than Thohir has. If they want to build a stadium for us then they will do it.

        • interista13

          I just hope their intentions are right, and they don’t use Inter as a stepping stone to what they see as bigger and better things

  • DonKavexo

    at last…