GdS: Berardi says yes to Inter! He will ask Sassuolo to leave

June 30, 2016 10:25
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Inter are in the market for a right sided attacker. Domenico Berardi is being heavily linked with a move to Inter and is believed to be a prime target for the Nerazzuri. According to La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Inter and Berardi’s agent have reached an agreement regarding the player’s contract, which would be 3 million euros a year. Berardi is also convinced that he wants to join Mancini’s side, and he has agreed to request a transfer.  The Suning Group have a 25 million euro offer ready for the player, but a deal is not almost done yet.

  • Musavie Abdillah

    So, those “star” players come to Inter because of Mancini convinced them to?
    I don’t see the logic here.
    Yes, Mancini made effort for some players to come to Inter, let me try remember them, Yaya Toure, Zabaleta..
    Oh wait, there’s more, Kondogbia, Jovetic… but they come here to Inter simply because of Mancini, if not Mancini they wont come? really?

  • Seiya20n

    would be just great considering he is young and truly intererista- hope this gets done asap-

  • itzmario

    It doesn’t matter if berardi agrees… Sassuolo have the final say whether he goes or not. He could say yes to a 100 million euro transfer. It doesn’t make. Difference

  • Anom Ananta Yudha

    bring Blanc also!

    • Wruce Bayne

      are you fkin kidding me m8

      • Anom Ananta Yudha

        for sure, he’s a lot better than Mancio…

        • Wruce Bayne

          he’s not better than mancio he won the league because he has those players

    • Another garbage spewing kid spotted. Pathetic.

      Don’t forget who you had coaching you a little over 18 months ago!

      With such great players like: Taider, Rocchi, Jonathan, Ranocchia, Belfodil, Alvarez, to name a few.

      Close your mouth and be grateful for the vantage position we are currently occupying and the kind of players RM has convinced to come play for Inter. For once, like in the old times, we are fast becoming a great destination for top players.

      • Rachmat Supriatna

        easy mate, he just desperately want Inter to go back to the top as we do.

        Fratelli del mondo, do we?

  • Søren

    Just wanna’ quote Johnny Bravo: HOT MAMA!

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    If we get two from Candreva/Berardi and Lamela/G Jesus, UCL spot will be guaranteed and we’ll fight for Serie A and EU League.

    • casperv

      Well, Candreva is more of a sertainty than Beradi who’s very young and COULD suffer from the pressure of player at a huge club like ours… But as you all know he will with the right coaching and playing time become world class in a couple of years. But right now Candreva is totally ready to deliver right away. I’d love our Chinese owners to get us BOTH, Candreva as our number one for right wing and tutor of the only 21 year old wonder kid Berardi!

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        Candreva is heir to Perisic. The only problem is his age and physical condition. I don’t think that he’ll be able to make 38 games in a season.

    • kofko

      No it won’t be guaranteed. It won’t be guaranteed with even Messi and Ronaldo because we have Mancio “the great”

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        I’m not gonna talk about how good or bad Mancio is. But let’s remember, without him, WE WOULDN’T HAVE HAD ANY OF THESE PAYERS IN OUR SQUAD.

      • There are lots of garbage spewing kids around here… This @kofko being one of them…

        Did anyone in their right minds thought we could win the scudeto with the crop of players we had last season with no creativity whatsoever?

        Considering where we were coming from, ALL genuine Interisti are grateful we have RM as our coach, otherwise we won’t even be talking about the calibre of players we have attracted in the last 12 months let alone fight for a CL place.

        We were top of the league the entire 1st half of last season even without creativity – the guy deserves some credit.

        I’m dead sure none of Shaqiri, Jovetic, Banega, Kondogbia, Ljajic to mention a few, would have come; even we would have lost Icardi and Handanovic too.

        If not for RM, I’m dead sure we’d remained in football oblivion for a long, long time to come!

        • Søren

          I think most people know Mancini from his prior spell at Inter. Where we won everything. But now at days, winning is definitely not a guarantee. Maybe people expected instant success like back then? I mean, the club also tried to create a buzz about that associating the memories with the return of Mancini. But no one could deliver that success, not Even Mou, I believe. I don’t know, it’s just my theory that many became fans of Inter when winning was all we did, and that many people jumped to the conclusion that with Mancini we could expect the same scenario.

          Nevertheless, I agree that Mancini has attracted some players we could not even dream of if Gasp, Mazzarri etc. were coaching.

          However, I think Mancini can rightfully be criticized for not finding a system sooner and making some doubtful substitutions (easy to say in hindsight). Also – and this could go both ways – I think that he lacks courage to try to chance the games. Subbing defensively and too late for example. But then again, under pressure to try reaching for top 3, maybe there isn’t room for such things.

          In any case, I think that with some good additions for the right side FB, the wings and a sub for Icardi, Mancini should have everything needed for success. He should also have the players for a more creative approach and some decent alternatives on the bench, in case he needs to switch tactics during a game.

          I am not a Mancini fan, but I still believe in him. And being an Inter fan I will believe in this season – simply because that is what we do.

    • Interfan99

      No, we won’t.. our midfield still lack the creativity, however sure that is an improvement from our current squad

  • I Putu Hadi Wiguna

    Not gonna be happy before official..
    Fingers crossed