Repubblica: Inter make official bid for Gabriel Jesus

June 30, 2016 11:07
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Gabriel jesus

Gabriel Jesus has become one of Inter’s top summer transfer targets. According to La Repubblica, Inter have made an official bid for the player. They have offered Palmeiras 30 million euros for the winger. The Brazilian club are yet to respond.

  • Binto Baggio

    I cannot understand, do we have money or not? If not than save that 30m for berardi, he is proven player and italian. But if we do have money lets buy berardi and all the player we needed LB and RB, Bruno Perez, Vrsjalko (before atl madrid get him) and all quality players we need, not mediocre players anymore. I wonder What plan do we have on Gabriel Jesus, he isnt a regista, he isnt a RW or RB or LB that we needed

  • Deuces

    if you haven’t watched Gabriel play, you will not understand his value, the kid is a football genius, I have never seen anything like him before. If we get him we are definitely winning scudetto with average defense, so the combination of icardi, berrardi and Gabriel jesus, will be force to reckon with in Serie A

  • frigo

    We’re going too far in this! Yes, Gabriel Jesus is great prospect, but he’s not achieving anything yet even in his country to justify 30 millions piece tag. He hasn’t debuted for his national team and nobody knows what will happen if he have to play on though league like Serie A. I will repeat myself, if we can’t secure Jesus on reasonable price we can look at Marlos Moreno, who’s one year older, but i think that now he’s more developed player and his price will be much lower!

    • JAY

      with your ideology we will never get anywhere, we are not the only team interested many rich clubs will gladly spend that on him, we have to COMPETE

      • frigo

        But the biggest difference is that we’re still under FFP and can’t afford to throw 30 millions or even more away! Our revenue is few times lower than the clubs we compete for his signature and we’re still have loss in our budget, unlike those clubs! There’s no grantee that Jesus could be starter for us next season, even if he haven’t problems with adaptation! And we still lacking quality in another positions!

        • JAY

          we are getting around it haven’t you heard money will solve everything, Chinese will buy the player and loan it to us and they have a big pocket, that’s why we should go toe to toe with the best of em

          • Deuces

            the don’t seem to have the intention to do that though, which i respect. but its very likely to cut a new deal, because its a new ownership of club’s majority, and if that wasn’t enough there is tendency to pay the FFP fines.

          • frigo

            That sounds to me like old Moratti days! I really hope that those times (romantic, but truly outdated) are over. If we want to be successful and compete in long term with biggest clubs in the world, we have to start managing our club professional. That means that owners will be responsible only to financial part, won’t get involved in football side, we will spending only what we really have and will have and follow long term development project!

          • JAY


        • Deuces

          let them pay the FFP fine, its 15million, who gives a shit, this kid, is football best talent since maradona, just watch a whole game, your jaw will drop

    • Vincent Chandra

      If he performs, 30 mil would seem like nth. Look at Renato Sanches today. If he performs like that playing for Bayern, the 55 mil investment would seem a big success

    • vikram_yahoo
  • Chalon

    I’m all for going for this guy but, 30 million is definitely not true.

  • nozanneti
    • defcon

      can you sum it up? I don’t think I understand even 30% of the article?

      • nozanneti

        they fear he is on the verge of destroying his career and staying just a unrealised socalled talent, they say it is the last chance for him to prove his potential, otherwise there will be no chance to make changes for the better in his future… he lost his position in national team. marko rog and other young players are emerging and giving their best … this artical sums up all things I was talking about kova when he even was in dinamo zagreb,. he always avoided the fight and he lacks true creativity and technique like long and accurate pass … his trade mark is swift running with ball, but there must be some idea after doing the run … sad story, indeed. ;-((

  • Oro_^o^

    If its not on Marzio’s site, its a lie

  • iAmJimmyShaker

    I’m not holding my breath! But it does feel good to have some financial clout in the transfer market again at least!