CM: Target Gabriel Jesus; Inter in Brazil

June 30, 2016 18:18
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According to Calcio Mercato, Inter is serious about Brazilian starlet Gabriel Jesus and the club representatives are already in Brazil to handover 1st offer. The competition is insane as Juve, Bayern and Barcelona are also interested but Inter owners are also determined to ‘gift’ the brazilian star to the fans. The further development on this matter might be disclosed in the upcoming week.



By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya
  • nozanneti

    Palacio: “I want to take Inter where they deserve to be”
    We want to get back into the Champions League. The dream is to
    win the Scudetto wearing these colours,” the Argentine said on Inter
    Channel’s Season Review … it’s Rodrigo Palacio’s turn to relive the 2015/16 campaign.
    where do you deserve to be ?
    no way to be in inter, old man.

  • vikram_yahoo
  • Musavie Abdillah

    this is it guys, we’re going to have 2 Jesus in our team.
    How can a team with 2 Jesus couldn’t win scudetto?

    • fantantonio99

      exactly!! we’re going to be blessed by two Jesuses… Get ready for the scudetto everyone!!

    • fuckmancio

      when mancini is the coach almost nothing can help us!

  • defcon

    which one is better Gabriel Jesus V GabiGol?

    • Amin Sadrnejad


    • Oro_^o^

      Different type of player. Gabriel Barbosa is a pure striker while Gabriel Jesus more of a second striker.

    • interista13

      for Inter and Serie A I prefer Gabriel Jesus, he has a better work rate on and off the ball (he presses the defense very well and has even made some interceptions and tackles leading to goals) and is better at finding space, but I’d still consider Gabigol at the same level just more geared towards Liga BBVA with his playstyle.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    Make it official guys, MAKE IT OFFICIAL!

  • El Príncipe

    I would love to see him at Inter! Even Ronaldo anticipates he will be his successor for Brazil, as they have very similar qualities. Worth 30mln IMO

  • Deuces

    if the succeed to snatch this kid under Barca and real madrid’s noses, then respect, I will celebrate when he is in Milan taking his medical for Inter.. this lad is miracle worker

  • fuckmancio

    what star is this player when he only played 10-12 matches so far.. ok he may impress in them i dont know, because i never watch him but he is not a star…

    • Tyrion Lannister

      I think you should change your name in fucklogic, the season in Brazil ends in winter, he started 15 matches ago or smth like this. What do you want from a 19 yrs old kid? Do you want him to have 200 games played or what?

      • fuckmancio

        i just point out that nowadays its pretty easy to put label ”star” to someone. i am sorry if u dont understand what i mean!

        • Wruce Bayne

          he’s not “star” yet but he’s promising and have technical gift

    • Massimo Moratti

      OK than. You have Rodrigo Alborno and Di Marco and put them in starting 11 instead. Maybe we can win scudetto.

  • JAY

    we would gladly take that gift, and ease some pain