Gazzetta – Inter to make new attempt to sign Lass Diarra

July 30, 2016 13:38
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Gazzetta dello Sport report that after having practically wrapped up the Candreva-transfer from Lazio, Inter are now focusing yet again on Lassana Diarra.

It is no secret that Roberto Mancini is an admirer of the player and according to the report, Olympique Marseille could let the French international midfielder depart from the Stade Velodrome for around €4-5 million.

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • Wida Ayu Nurahma

    can someone explain why him instead yaya on financial perspective.

  • Mamoun

    Would be a steal for 5 M

    • Wida Ayu Nurahma

      who’s the thief? him or inter?^^

  • frigo

    Typical Mancini transfer, after him I expect we to be interesting in Rocchi, John Carew, etc. In reality i don’t expect from us to look for defensive midfielders, we still have Medel, Melo, even Kondogbia and we have way bigger problems in creative part.

    • Mamoun

      Lol I feel u but honestly he s a huge improvement over Melo and he s cheap…
      I also read that Mancini wanted to bring Jo from China lol

  • Theflow

    Great another defensive midfielder….sigh….if Melo or Medel wasn´t enough. Please buy some players who contribute to a better attacking dispaly. We need players that are technical and can provide the attackers with goal scoring oppertunities. I really hope that inter will play better football this season. Last season was bad and boring.

    • Wida Ayu Nurahma

      yaya toure has that ability, and posible to get, but he is too old for inter. Beside we’re already has kdog n banega. i hope they can deliver as we expected.

    • Interfan99

      Diarra is an upgrade compared to those two

  • Anton Setiawan

    We had chance to sign him 1 yr ago when he has contract dispute …

  • giointer

    we mustt buy g.jesusssss

  • giointer


    • Wida Ayu Nurahma


      • giointer

        woowwwww, wid you are fun of inter, nice to meet you )))))

  • Mohamed

    I can’t believe his 31, for some reason I thought he’s something like 35.

    Currently I believe he’s an average player, although he can be a good sub.

    • Interfan99

      Do you ever see him play last season?

      • Mohamed

        Last season no.. But after Real Madrid he went downhill and saw him play matches here and there.. If he had improved since then he would’ve really went to play in a big club in Europe. I hope you could prove me wrong in that sense but that’s my opinion.

  • hokiM

    not to old, lot of experience, and cheap…ATM the best we can buy

  • Dani Milekić

    Perfect replacement for Melo. Now we can send him packing.

    • Boudou

      Send him to China along with Ranoshit

      • Wida Ayu Nurahma

        trading frogshit is ilegal in china!!

    • Interfan99

      He’s twice the player melo is… for 4 mil and reasonable wage i’d take him

  • Inter1998

    Make it happen…