GdS: Inter ready to hijack Juve Gabigol bid

July 30, 2016 16:19
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Gazzetta dello Sport report that Inter are prepared to hijack Juventus’ move for Santos starlet Gabriel Barbosa, otherwise known as Gabigol. Contact between Inter and Santos has increased and the nerazzurri are prepared to beat Juve’s 25 million offer with a 30 million offer of their own. With Gabriel Jesus appearing set for Manchester City, Gabigol is the next Brazilian in the sights of Inter management.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Seiya20n

    by his nickname we can say he always score—

  • Wida Ayu Nurahma

    our ex Primavera Destro n’ bonazoli dislike this!

  • postal

    Why didn’t we hijack Berardi? 30-35 mil for him wouldn’t have been enough to make Sassuolo think at least? What’s this fixation on young, unproven brazilians by our new management. I know they want to bring the next new star in football, but it’s more important to get back in CL as a start.

  • SebIngrosso

    this is not the early 2000s anymore, we cant buy unproven kids from south america for 30+… in our current state we need players who can make an impact right away. compared to the two Gabis the 22yr old Berardi is an experienced veteran in Serie A

    • Bojan Ristic


  • Bojan Ristic

    30M for this guy? Overpriced as fuck. G. Jesus seems overpriced also.
    They are not even showing some flashy skills (like every other Brazillian kid), just a bunch of silly moves that would never pass in Europe. I don’t get the hype.

    • Tyrion Lannister

      This guy has 2 goals in 4 matches for Selecao ( Brazil NT )

      • Bojan Ristic

        Against Panama and Haiti. 😀

      • JAY

        i watched him live against Ecuador in pasadena and nothing special except his thick ass eyebrows

    • Bojan Ristic

      Buying a flashy forward from Brazil is always a big gamble since the main characteristic of their championship (from what I saw) is a ridiculous defending.
      The fact is that they have a bunch of talents, but paying 30M or so for a talented kid, knowing that there is like 10% probability that he will make it in Europe is just stupid. With that money you can buy proven forward from Champions League team in his best years…

      • paradakovich

        lol agree with you mate, not only champions, serie A famous with rude silly defender, aronica, gastaldello, morganella,

    • postal

      Yep, what Neymar does in Spain would work as well as crashing into a brick wall in Italy.

    • JAY

      gabigoal is kinda soft too, not worth more than 20m max i just want GJ

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    In better word he’s a goal scoring team player while G Jesus is a skillful game changer.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    G Jesus is 100 times better than him.

    • Tyrion Lannister

      And 5m more expensive.. I can’t get it, why don’t we offer 35m for GJ ( city’s accepted offer is 32 ) ?

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        I think it’s because nobody can get him till 2017, and looks like dealing with Santos is easier.

        • Josip

          Also maybe Gabriel jesus already agreed his personal terms with Man City so ther is no point in increasing the bid..

          • Amin Sadrnejad

            However there was also something about the will of his mother for him to join Inter.

    • JAY

      he is

  • Tyrion Lannister

    Sell Icardi for 80 ( if he really wants to leave )
    Bring Gabigol for 30 and Lacazette for 50

    • JAY

      i dont think lacasweat will be good for serie a

    • Adrian Raditya

      sell the already proven player and bring in the unproven player..
      is not a wise move, mate..

      we dont need another Bergkamp or Kerlon.. XD

      If Icardi really go, we should bring someone that already proven in serie a..
      i think Berardi is a wise choice..

      • Tyrion Lannister

        I don’t want Icardi to be sold, I think he is world class, but if he wants to leave he should be allowed to.

        • Adrian Raditya

          What i mean is if that happen we should replace him with someone who’s already proven in serie a like Berardi..

          or at least someone matured enough (around 25-28 years old) who’s already prove his class in european top league..

  • Meister Jakob

    this is almost surely bs

    but if it isnt fucking finally making some good decisions inter management.

  • Dani Milekić

    Here we go again…

    • DS

      Doubt this is true, we don’t have the money and Juve has a deal in place almost. Probably just media BS..

      • harendro

        With 50 mil++ and Gabbi, and a chance to snap Gabigol for 30 mil, then go for it. Its a very good busines, while i’m still in for keeping Icardi, but a hungry and consistent Jojo, Eder, Gabbi, plus a young Gabigol and that now-or-never attitude from Candreva, then we already posses a complete set of forward with abundant motivation.