Ausilio: “News? Our market is closed”

August 31, 2016 14:28
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Don Ausilio







Just minutes ago Piero Ausilio spoke with Premium Sport, here are his words: “News? You’ll know this evening. But our market is closed.”

Meanwhile, Stephan Lichtsteiner has rejected Borussia Dortmund as he has his sights set on a move to the Nerazzurri.

Source: PremiumSport

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Mohamed Kindi

    With the change of coach and little given to do business I say job well done, thank you Ausilio and the team worked with him, thank you Thohir and Suning group, the is far from over and lot of work needed to reinforce Inter and provide FDB needs in January, we have faith in you.
    Freinds lets appreciate the work, and understand the difficulties that prevented more transfers, and wait because success comes at this cost, we are loyals we supported the on far more worst situations, I remember the days when we were stronger and other teams stolen our glory in undeserved and illegal ways.

  • Inter DiHati

    If we, the fans, can see crystal clear that our weakness is on the back flank, what about all the professional coaches out there think about this? This is something like making love out of nothing at all… Making love… Out of nothing all!

  • Anom Ananta Yudha

    it should be caceres for the last shot

  • Azzkikr

    Shame neither an FB/CB or a DM arrived.

    But all things considered, the mercato turned out pretty good. The changing of coaches in the middle of it, surely didnt make it any easier for the management.

    I’d give the mercato a 7/10

    I cant help thinking that if De Boer had arrived earlier, then Candreva might not have been bought and that money could have been used on FB/CB/DM.

    Its clear that Inter emphasizedon improving the offense though, which was sorely needed. Inters offense was a disaster last season, the 50 goals scored is a reflection of that.

    Meanwhile Rubentus signing Witsel and Cuadrado on the last day, insane Mercato from them this summer. Rubentus second string team could probably win the scudetto….

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    I’m happy with Jovetic staying.

    • We all are, but worried about the budget deficit with all these players incoming #FFP

      He might not play a single match until December you know, so we don’t activate his buy-out clause…

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        That’s impossible not to play him until December.

  • Dimitris_Inter

    Maybe Inter had already sign someone, but there is no announcement yet…and Ausilio saying that the market is closed……..

  • Theflow

    Too little time to I think.

  • Theflow

    So? No defenders? We have to stick with Rano en Nagatomo?

    • JJ

      i think so… not unless we sell either brozo or Jojo

      • Theflow

        Too little time

        • JJ

          maybe we still have a chance to land an FB.. but sadly that means strengthening Milan ( )

          • Theflow

            I think that Brozivic and/or Jovetic will be sold last minute and no other player will be bought. We will see what happens.

          • Brozovic will stay because we need depth. There is no one to take JoJo….

          • Theflow

            Yeah I saw the recent articles. It looks like we have a large squad this season.

    • Campione

      Rano will be the 5th behind Yao and Andreolli, Naga is a great sub.

      • Theflow

        Probably. But I do not consider them as good replacements.

    • Nugross

      I hope with defender like we have now, we can make goals as much as possible. If not, we doom…

      • Theflow

        You are right but considering the first two games inter was not able to score a lot of goals. Maybe Gabigol and J.Mario will change that.

        • Nugross

          Yeah I hope so..