Brozovic’s agent: “Brozovic will stay at Inter.”

August 31, 2016 16:37
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After months of speculation, it seems as if Marcelo Brozovic’s future has been decided. Today Brozovic’s agent, Miroslav Bicanic, spoke to about his client’s future:

“It is official. Marcelo will stay at Inter, otherwise he would be on a flight to London right now. Brozovic will sign a new contract. Even though he will earn less then what he would at Chelsea, he is happy at Inter, and he knows the city and club well. This is a new coach, and a new team, and that is why he does not want to go to England.”


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • absidani

    he deserves a better contract . good for you brozo . hope FDB get the best of you and i doubt it . now we have more than a competitive squad , no more excuses if we don’t get results .

  • Musavie Abdillah

    Its either u move away, or u get a raise.
    Icardi set the trend? or is it ranno back then?

  • Carlos Ch Mz

    I really have faith in this guy, so I’m happy he’s staying!!! He is very talented, if we really give him the chance to shine and FDB get the best from him, he will shine and the club with him!!! Forza Inter!!!

  • Abdi

    Whe have such trouble selling our players. When was the last we actually sold someone without going to court lol (Ricky). We have players who cant pass medicals (Santon) and those nobody wants (Rano, Naga and Melo). I honestly cant remember anyone besides Hernanes in the last 2 years we actually sold. But i can name 4 players Juve sold this summer (Pogba, Morata, Zaza and Pereyra).

  • Abdi

    True, Inter accepted Chelsea’s £25m offer but he refused. He never really wanted to leave. He only wants more money. Same tactic used by Icardi. Now they will both sign new contracts and get higher wages.

  • Jonathan

    Very happy that he stay. He will be important for us.

  • nozanneti
  • nozanneti
  • JAY

    I like it he will be epic and will put pressure on kdog so finally he will learn to pass simple balls

  • JAY


  • Este19

    Disappointed that we couldn’t sell him. We need a good fullback and defensive depth badly, and since we added Banega/Joao, and think Brozo will play less and his value will drop.

  • Lajoya


  • nozanneti

    The Croatia international will pen a new contract with the Nerazzurri
    that is worth less than the one the Blues offered him to move to London !!!

  • st

    thats mean we can’t get a quality fullback even in Christmas . I would rather he go Chelsea .

  • Eusebio

    Didn’t he decline the wages Chelsea was offering?

  • Zoki

    Not best for our financial side, but if we keep Jovetić and Brozović after the transfer window we had, we will have great depth in attack and mifdield, only lacking in defense. Pray to gods that Murillo, Miranda and Ansaldi stay fit.

    • Ghassan Halawi

      You know the idea of using Biabiany as a Full back is not bad at all. He’s fast, and he’s way better than Naga

  • Tyrion Lannister

    In fact both clubs agreed the amount, it’s Brozo who refused Chelsea

    • Massimo Moratti

      And you believe in that ? His agent is greedy son of a bitch.

  • Cian T

    Looks like there won’t be any more activity before the deadline, unless juve have a miraculous change of heart. I would’ve liked some better defenders, but I’m hoping we sign Caceres (cause that can be done after the window closes) and maybe Miangue will be solid under de Boer. Also, since jojo and brozo are staying, I really hope de Boer gives them a chance. Obviously I doubt they’ll be starting every game but there’s no point in just leaving them on the bench like we’ve done recently. I think that was just because we were expecting them to be sold though.

    • Boudou

      Well Brozo gonna play for sure, it’s not like we have a lot depth in that department. Whereas Jojo gonna have to improve if he wants some playing time.

  • Oro_^o^

    The salt is strong on this one…

  • casperv

    I have no idea how we will balance the books but I´m happy for him and for our squad that he stays! If we look at our squad we need deapth with games Sunday/Monday and again Thursdays and what happens if Mario or Banega gets injured? If Banega playes as an attacking mid, we have Broso to cover and also Eder and Gabi and even Jojo, but if Mario gets injured or if Banega is being played as a regista the only player tecnically good enough to play both positions is Brosovic – not Medel, not Gnou and deffently NOT MELO!!

    • Dimitris_Inter

      Maybe Suning planning to buy some of our player to China in winter. Naga, Rano, Melo, Carrizo and Jovetic for 100 mil 🙂

      • casperv

        Hehe would be great 😉