Erkin: “De Boer did not want me at Inter.”

August 31, 2016 21:35
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Caner Erkin

After failing to make a competitive debut for Inter, Caner Erkin joined Turkish side Besiktas on deadline day. Today the player spoke about this move back to Turkey:

“I arrived in Europe with certain objectives, but when De Boer took over he did not support me in training and did not want me at the club. I want to play. I had offers in Europe, but Besiktas wanted me the most. ”


Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • Israld

    this thing should not happened again in the future..we should treat our player like a human being..

  • Wruce Bayne

    sorry man i don’t know what makes fdb choose nagatomo over you that’s ridiculous

    • zamorano1+8

      man its not that he chooses nagatoma over him… erkin is just way more easier to get rid off ………………………….

  • Ridwan

    So sad, this time i will blame it to Inter’s management. Even i know that Erkin wont be good enough for us, still.. it’s very disrespecting the player.

  • Colin Mc Carthy

    I hope he had a nice holiday in Italy. Back to Turkey you go

  • nozanneti

    how bizzare !

    • Massimo Moratti

      There are a lot of bizzare things surrounding your pathetic molested life.

      • nozanneti

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        • Massimo Moratti

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          • nozanneti

            keep amusing me !

          • Massimo Moratti

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    • MancioIsLove

      The guy couldn’t even play a single match on Serie A…Just sad

      • nozanneti

        I agree… just compare to rano !

  • Deji

    Yeaaa they all wanted you so much they werent willing to pay 1 mil for u. Dreams u have

  • Feras Gheblawi

    Sorry man u have all the right to be angry even if u r a shity player it was inter mistake to sign u in the first place

    • JAY

      i don’t think he is worst than santon

  • komet1908

    @Author, please keep inform us about the deadline day mercato in one page :3 thank you!