FCIN: Here are the details of the Erkin deal.

August 31, 2016 18:01
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Caner Erkin

Caner Erkin is a Besiktas player on a temporary basis, now the details of the contract have been released. Inter will be responsible for the 2016/2017 salary, which is 1.75 million Euro and Inter will not be paid any fee for the loan. Should Besiktas want to complete the deal next year it will cost them 1 million Euro.


source: FCInterNews.it

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • absidani

    WTF , are we a charity institution that give players for free , come on inter management , you can get an easy cash on this kid that deserved at least a chance to show his abilities . bad bad very bad how we treated him , its so awful . i regret losing alex telles , he could be our LB for the next 10 years . we just give him away too easily because of his 12 millions fee . now we need to deal with naga shit and keep looking for any replacement like cricito who nothing more than dambrosio.

  • I miss Marco Branca

    GOOD WORK AUSILIO !! this is what happens when you are the sporting clerk for Inter doing exactly what Mancini asks you to do…..now you are stuck with Melo, Jojo, Santon but at least you got rid of Erkin and cut your losses so smile you guys 🙂

  • Joydeep Joe Sarkar

    What a Retarded management we have

  • JAY


  • LATEST: In Twitter they say it’s a translation error and Inter does not pay his salary, it’s just a free loan.

    • JAY

      hopefully its beyond dumb

  • Alex

    Erkin was set to be paid 3.5m/season.

    I checked Besiktas website, and it one of these two:
    1- Erkin cut his wage by 50%
    2- We will be paying 50% of his wage

    It seems like FDB had no plans for Erkin and preferred Minague over him. Given the short time, that was Ausilio’s only option…

    • Set to be paid 3.5m/season?! You mean we offered him almost the highest contract in the SQUAD?! LOL

      That’s GROSS for the club, we are talking about NET wage here [what the player is taking home].

      I think we got a LOAN FEE from Besiktas, but we still pay for his wage.
      We will never know how much we got from Besiktas.

    • LATEST: In Twitter they say it’s a translation error and Inter does not pay his salary, it’s just a free loan.

  • If anyone speaks turkish, this is the official statement on Besiktas’ website.
    Şirketten yapılan açıklama şöyle:

    Caner Erkin’in geçici transferi konusunda kulübü ve oyuncunun kendisiyle anlaşmaya varılmıştır.

    Inter Kulübü’ne 2016-2017 sezonu için kiralama bedeli ödenmeyecektir.

    Oyuncu haklarının nihai satın alma opsiyonu 1.000.000 Avro olup Şirketimize aittir.

    Oyuncuya 2016-2017 sezonunda 1.750.000 Avro garanti ücreti ve 4.000 Avro puanbaşı ücreti ödenecektir.
    Unfortunately the English website does not specify any relevant details.

    They can always mask the FEE payed for the LOAN, even if we pay his wage in full, we don’t know what INTER got out of this deal.

  • I was the 1st to report this news in here in the comments section, despite not knowing turkish. But it somehow doesn’t make sense.

    Perhaps INTER are paying for his wage [full 100%?] but then again, Besiktas may be paying a FEE for this LOAN [not a free loan].

    The truth is, in the end we know shit.

    • LATEST: In Twitter they say it’s a translation error and Inter does not pay his salary, it’s just a free loan!

  • Boudou

    Wow so we signed him for free but will probably loose money even if we manage to sell him next year. This hurts my brain.

  • thendyforaldy

    what the hell.. if we pay him the sallary why dont we just keep him in our squad???? this deal doesnt have any logic for me. we pay for him to play in other team?? just keep him and pay him we dont mind having another extra player who determined to play for us!

    some times i dont understand about our mercato. since when it become like this????

    • Dimitris_Inter

      Maybe it is about of non european players that we can have in our squad…???

      • JAY

        hell no he already burned that spot

    • JAY

      I told everyone that we do things that have no common sense only some agreed with me, exactly if we are paying all his salaries then we could of kept him

  • JAY

    woooooooooooooooooooooow, we will pay lol

  • Zoki

    So we will pay him €1.75m to play in Turkey and then they can buy him for €1m and we end up €750k in minus so he plays in Turkey? The fuck?

    • Cian T

      We should be selling him for like €7m

      • Este19

        Don’t know who would pay that for him, but we should get at least enough to cover the salary (~€2m?). €1m is just insanely low.

        • Turks are really among the best at COMMERCIAL TRADE and negociation… you can’t fool them, they know you got him for free and he’s useless for us. Hollands are also really good at it.

          • JAY

            cuz they don’t have shit to do so they spend days and months gossiping about it

        • Cian T

          Today’s market is so inflated, €7m is a completely fair price for a player of Erkins level, who started for Turkey at the Euros

    • Nobody said it was a FREE LOAN, so perhaps Besiktas payed a certain fee to cover for [part?] of his wage.

      The truth is out there.

    • LATEST: In Twitter they say it’s a translation error and Inter does not pay his salary, it’s just a free loan.

    • Abdi

      Who negotiated this deal? Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin? This is crazy.

    • Musavie Abdillah

      desperate move. Inter management act based on humanity, we know we are lost financially, but rather not ruining a player’s career.