Gabigol wasn’t convinced by Inter at first

August 31, 2016 16:09
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Globoesporte report that Gabigol wasn’t sold on a move to Inter at first. His perception of Inter was that they are a club who aren’t competing for the big trophies and have no real high profile stars. However, his trip to Milan has completely changed this idea he has. Suning also played a big part in convincing him with the project they have in mind in winning all the big trophies again. His family, as always have played a big part in his career and continue to do so now he’s in Milan.

Source: globoesporte

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Fahm

    hah, even we, Interisti, wasn’t convinced by our club tho. It’s been year zero all over the years since that Leo

  • igo

    He said that? Lol…money changes everything, bro

  • Azzkikr

    Well his perception wasnt wrong, but thats what the club is trying to change.

    Inter is unlikely to win any major trophies in the current decade though, unless there is another calciopoli.

    • Dani Milekić

      I agree with your first sentence but the second one is rather pessimistic.

      • Adrian Raditya

        maybe we can have at least one trophy if we stick to FDB for at least 3 years..

  • Money talks…. enjoy being rich [again]

  • Da Ruan

    With 3M extra to his family, he is convinced that inter becoming a team competing to trophies and have real stars.

    • zamorano1+8

      good that im not the manager… if he would have said that to me i would have chased him back to brazil or bring him personally to spain, england or whatever….
      man who he thinks he is… we are inter. he is nothing.

      he has proven nothing in european football so far. he shot 24 goals in 83 games in BRAZIL LEAGUE and we INTER we have to convice him with money to play for our grande inter…..

      its ridicolous. i just hope we will be on top of ucl very soon and then get rid of this guy… i dont like him since beginning. im not even impressed or convinced by his gameplay. he still has to prove if hes the money worth lol

  • komet1908

    Media BS

  • DS

    I think that 7-8 mil we gave to him and his family for their share of his contract conviced him.

  • Inter DiHati

    What??? Have no real high profile stars?? Haven’t you heard about our prince of Italia Rano the frog? The one and only samurai in Italia Naga the TomYum? And last but not least the heartbreaker Melo the Red Cards??! You must be kidding man!!!

    • Fiano

      we had the King. King Jono.

    • Pradana Gilang

      Our real star was long gone: Mcdonald mariga the cheeseburger

    • Sirawat Siriphakdee

      te be honest i’m come from Thailand.
      ” Tom Yum ” is food from Thailand.
      You Should said Naga The Sushi !!!

      • Inter DiHati

        Hahhahaa thank you for the correction bro!

    • igo