GdS: The Jovetic-Fiorentina deal still open.

August 31, 2016 18:17
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Earlier today Inter sporting director Piero Ausilio put an end to all the rumours of Jovetic completing a transfer to Fiorentina by saying: “Jovetic was, is and will be an Inter player”.

Or did he? According to GdS the deal is still open, Fiorentina technical director Pantaleo Corvino haven’t given up and is doing everything he can in order to give coach Paulo Sousa a last minute present.



Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Eusebio

    Screw Fiorentina don’t ever deal with them. Especially after last yrs threats and insults.

  • macanoo muriidi

    There will be alot of competition now, in midfield and attack.

  • Brendan

    He’ll be useful with so many games now that we are in European League

  • Wida Ayu Nurahma

    DA FVCK! Thats why I hate to deal with people who used to be poor. even though they have the money , they still acting like a beggar. Fvcking Viola! Stop it dont feed them too much! DAMN.

  • CHRiS

    Doubt it will happen…3hrs left for this mercato

  • They just got like 25m for Marcos Alonso and they play cheap?! FUCK THEM.

  • DS

    Can’t believe how fuckin cheap Fiorentina is.. First they screw us over with Salah, now we are willing to send Jovetic to them on a dry loan and the only thing they need to cover is his salary and they don’t want to do it.. Even when they got almost 30 mil for Alonso.. They are disgusting, I wouldn’t even pick up the phone when they call about future deals.

  • Boudou

    Well pay his freakin salary Fiorentina! Remember the Salah saga ? Do not think we’ll provide you with a talented player free of charges after that.