La Stampa: Lichtsteiner asks to be free, Juve won’t accept Inter bids

August 31, 2016 15:02
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Stephan Lichtsteiner has asked Juventus to free him from his last year of his contract La Stampa report. Juventus believe Inter are behind this and have therefore rejected the Swiss request. To let the right back depart the Juventus stadium it will take 5/6 million euros but the Bianconeri won’t listen to Inter.

Source: La Stampa

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Adrian Raditya

    oooh noo..
    if they can see how strong we’re gonna be, is that means we will see the ref’s famous ” no penalty for inter ” againt ??

  • Campione

    The same story again. Do you remember the Isla saga?

  • giointer

    take this guy in inter pleaseeee

  • Diri D

    well they got alves so I dont see where lichtsteiner will fit but in the bench

  • Cian T

    Sakho is available on loan

  • Liverpool 39 Juventus 00

    Childish by Juventus. Inter let them have Lucio and Hernanes, who flopped but they wanted them and got them. Not Inter’s fault they flopped.

  • Inter1998

    I don’t understand…Ausilio already made a clear statement.

  • DS

    Our mercato is over, nothing to see here.

  • Lajoya


  • Meister Jakob

    it’s fair enough juve aren’t idiots. They’re a good team that can afford to leave a player like lichtsteiner on the bench for a season to thwart rival plans. We might just have to hold out with what we’ve got until January to find a new RB and backup CB

  • harendro