BILD: Suitors line-up for Sule, Inter included

September 28, 2016 20:30
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niklas sule







Inter are among 8 clubs in the race for Hoffenheim’s Niklas Sule, German outlet BILD report. His showing at the Olympics in the summer where he won a silver medal turned clubs attention to him. Everton, Arsenal and Spurs all like him, while interest is also there from Atletico Madrid outwith Germany. In Germany, Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund are trailing the youngster.

Source: BILD

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • ezio

    i google sule and i found prikitiew 🙂

  • casperv

    Is this lad any good? Dont know him at all…

  • JAY

    damn lindelof got turned into meatlof today wow Napoli killed them

    • Khazam


    • Nerazzuro21

      I didn’t watch the match. How was Semedo?

      • JAY

        played right mid

  • J.Z4

    pleaseeeee Inter make this happen!!!

    • casperv

      Any good?

      • J.Z4

        he is a solid player ,,,has the ability of making short passing and he is so tall and knows how to score with his head,,,the main problem of him is the speed ,,,can not run but he still young (20 years old) and I believe he can improve more!

        • casperv

          Hm sounds like a younger version of Rannochia, and speed is genetic and can be approved with muscle exsercises but speed is everything in now adays football

          • J.Z4

            Hmmm Maybe you are right,,,but please do not compare him with lord Rano,,,cuz he fight in the field like Miranda (not good like him but will improve) Im sure about that

  • deji

    GET HIM!

  • Santi824

    We could use the depth at center back and he’s a promising talent

  • Adam

    Im pretty sure he is a cb lol

    • Frans Juliver Purba

      my bad. LOL. I am only watch him once in olympic. but he is pretty good as far as i remembered

  • Frans Juliver Purba

    OMG yes! I couldnt picked which one is better, this guy or kenny tete.
    If we bring this guy, him and miangue we will have two tower in Fb Position.

    • Khazam

      What do u mean ? Sule is cb not fb

    • R9

      He’s a CB lol

    • MrMuhsinin

      Bikin malu aja lo

    • ezio