GM: Son and Okazaki, the ambassadors that never were

September 28, 2016 16:04
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 reports that Heung Min Son and Shinji Okazaki were targeted by Erick Thohir when he bought the club in 2013 to grow the club in Eastern Asia. At the time Son and Okazaki were plying their trade with Bayer Leverkusen and Mainz respectively but now play for Tottenham and Leicester. A missed opportunity it would seem but with the introduction of Suning, who’ve grown the club in China the blow has been softened.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Andrian Zanetti

    My korean friends hail him as Sonaldo LOL
    Too bad this Sonaldo guy could be forced to take two years off in order to serve in the South Korean army. Two Fukin’ years off LOL

    • casperv

      what?? Really?

  • Khazam

    Son is a miss, okazaki… Naahh

  • ran

    son will be good for inter, on and off the field

  • Interfan99

    Should go for ki sung yong, i think he is quite good

  • Fahm

    Son will take military service for next (almost) two years, cmiiw

  • deji

    I really like Son. He caught my eye in the olympics and he’s carrying that form into the premier league this season. Would’ve been a good buy, wouldve gave thohir a reason to get rid of lord Naga bumbass

    • Jr

      the language barrier would be a bitch

      • deji

        lol true but idnt think for us it would be. Our coach speaks english, nd i think spanish lol and Son is doing fine in the premier league so he must understand a lil english

  • ezio

    it would be a smart move.. too bad it didn’t happen