Radu undergoes shoulder surgery

September 28, 2016 20:41
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Inter goalkeeper Andrei Radu, has underwent successful corrective surgery on his left shoulder today at the Humanitas Clinical Institute in Rozzano the club have confirmed. The Romanian will begin his recovery in a few days time.

Source: Inter.it

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • ezio

    is this an english class?? why everyone is talking about grammar..its about radu, so lets talk about him

  • Has underwent? I’m sorry man but I hate reading this guy’s terrible English

    • Gordon Smith

      I’m sorry to inform you but the term “has underwent” makes perfect sense in this article.

      • I teach English for a living, underwent is to be used in the simple tense: “Radu underwent surgery” However undergo is to be used in the compound tense: “Radu has undergone surgery”. I can’t be bothered with poor English skills on my favorite Inter blogging site. Your argument is invalid.

    • interistaaaaaa

      Hi mate, he did commit an error. But he may be of non English speaking background and yet he still takes his time to write us articles.
      That doesn’t mean his mistake doesn’t count, but you should approach in a kinder way so that he changes and it doesn’t create any type of hate between us brothers interisti please.

    • thendyforaldy

      As long as it is understandable thats okay i think… in this site football and inter is the most important thing. A little grammar errorr is acceptable as we came from different country. If you want to correct some grammar go back to your class…