Tevez: “Icardi deserves to play for the National team. I could retire”

September 28, 2016 11:56
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mauro icardi

“Icardi deserves a call up to the National side” said Carlos Tevez, interviewed in Argentina by FoxSports Radio. “Maurito is doing very well with Inter, scoring many goals. But in the end Bauza decides, but I say that Icardi deserves a call up. The rumors about my retirement? I’m thinking about it, it’s a possibility that I could retire in December. The pressure here for a match is too strong, unlike in Europe where, after the 90 minutes, you can live a normal life”.

Source: FoxSports Radio

Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
  • inter_island

    Maybe not possible but if Icardi switches to Italy NT, then Inter will provide most of their entire front line. Hahaha.. A big Fuck you to Rubentus.

  • ran

    will be much better if icardi choose to represent italy, inter will get another non-uefa player.

  • Eusebio

    I don’t see Icardi playing for Argentina NT anytime soon. Better for Inter, he’ll actually rest during international breaks while everyone else just gets burned out.

    • Musavie Abdillah

      if he play for NT, and success, it will only increase his valuation, and price away those who pursuit Icardi signature in the market.

  • ezio


    what the hell, even illario and pratto are called.. argentina really hate icardi and being an asshole for calling him once only, so icardi cant choose italy national team..

    • Khazam

      He wont play for argen NT…
      Either he change team to italy or waiting for argentina for the rest of his life

      • ezio

        too bad he cant change to italy because he played for argentina once.. yes only once hahaha, what a bunch of gossip girls

        • Khazam

          I think there is a solution for that considering the state he is in. Fifa and his court can be flexible in certain circumstance, and i believe this kind of circumstance needs to be treated fairly

          • ezio

            yes i hope so.. because icardi definitely deserved to be called by both of argentina or italy nt..

          • Rocco Rosano

            Icardi would fit very well in the Italian National Team. Think of how amazing it would be. A striker as clinical as him with the attacking mids and CFs we have.

          • ezio

            yes and i think he will be regular starter at our nt

          • JAY

            they would rape everyone

      • Interfan91

        I think he can switch, Franco vasquez changed from Italy to Argentina so I think he can change under some rule but most likely icardi doesn’t want to change

  • Alphonse

    Tevez was, and is OK. I just will never understand why Zanetti didn’t played in WC ’06 & ’10, Cuchu in ’10, Milito wasn’t a starter in ’10? Even now, Icardi (Inter player) won’t play because of Messi, Piguain, Aguero and overrated Dybala.

    • ezio

      yeah not starting milito in 2010 wc was a crime.. primadonna should be crucified for that.. let alone not calling cambiasso.. what an asshole maradona is

      • grilliant

        ikr! prefer playing Palermo over Milito and called up Veron instead of Cuchu.. what an ass

    • Israld

      since that i really dont like argentina nt anymore…