Eder: “We have to approach each game with the same attitude. It’s easy against Juventus…”

September 29, 2016 22:05
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Another poor performance and still zero points. Inter attacker Eder analysed the game against Sparta Prague:

It looked like the second half against Hapoel, now with too many errors in the first half. What was missing? “If you don’t approach the European games with the right attitude they’ll make you suffer. We went wrong from the start and it was at that point we lost the game. Another game when we concede the first goal, it makes you lose your confidence. We woke up in the second half, but then it was too late.”

Always down by a goal, it takes more than character to come back from that? “That happens also in the championship, against Bologna we gave them the first 20 minutes. We have to start play according to the game plan from the first minute, it’s easy to be focused when you play against Juventus. But we have to have the same attitude against other teams as well. In Europa League you advance from the group stage by beating the “smaller” teams.”

Do you miss scoring, are you starting to feel the pressure? “I never miss scoring, my only objective is to give everything I have on the pitch. It’s a shame I couldn’t put the ball in, it boosted my confidence but didn’t change the result. Today was an important game and we failed, we have no alibi”

Is there a difference between Inter in the championship and Inter in Europa? “It was the same with the game against Bologna, we started slow and after a while we found the right rythm. Today we failed to find it. Also against Pescara we were slow and managed to turn the game around just before the final whistle, but a team like Inter has to be focused from the start and has to find the proper motivation against “smaller” teams.”

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson