Felipe Melo to SKY Sport: “Playing in Europe is different from playing in Serie A. Now we restart against Roma.”

September 29, 2016 21:29
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Felipe melo

After the poor performance against Sparta Prague, Felipe Melo had the following to say:

Did you expect a different start? We saw an Inter not compact enough and with the wrong approach.“We have to understand that playing in Europe is not easy. Every game has to be considered as a derby and up until now we haven’t done that. In the second half we deserved more but after the expulsion we suffered a lot. When we got our play to work, we were already down by two.”

Is it hard to be in two competitions? “It’s completely different than to play in the Serie A. We expected a strong team with players wanting to prove themselves for the new coach. Now we have to reset ourselves and restart with the game against Roma.”

Their first goal was preceded by your error, when you slipped. At the freekick you didn’t ask for the right distance and didn’t move when they hit it. “We were too far from the ball and no one on the ball. Everybody is to blame, you win together and you lose togeher.”

Source: SKY Sport

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • Fallen.Interista64

    After Dumbrosio, Ran0cchia and Papalaci0, you’re to blame for each of our European defeat. Your playing level hits Serie C at the best.

  • Adrian Raditya

    Their first goal was preceded by your error, when you slipped.
    At the freekick you didn’t ask for the right distance and didn’t move
    when they hit it. “We were too far from the ball and no one on the ball. Everybody is to blame, you win together and you lose togeher.”

    shiiiit, i even embarassed when i read it..
    how even can he get the courage to do the interview in the first place ??
    now i believe what people say, he’s a donkey.. a jerk donkey..

  • Stent-X

    Ese sujeto es un estu.pido. Es malisimo, es un jugador intrascendente caray! No es alguien digno para tratar con la prensa.

  • M.Cassar ©

    It’s not the first time Melo lunges in before he thinks, that is the type of player he is, he is not a first team player and at his age should know better. We are better off bringing in someone from the youth team as he is a liability on the pitch.

  • Endy

    Use your brain before you talk!! Their first 2 goals were completely from you. …….I wish I was the president of Inter. I would have kicked Melo, Rano, Naga, naga, biabiany, and Palacio out of Inter. Hve been a fan of Inter since 96 and today was the first time I feel so sad with this team.

  • ran

    how could he say something like that,,,he should make apology atleast for his teammate….can management just terminate his contract

    • Boudou

      Can we just ship his melon ass to Mars or something!

      • ran

        try to ask elon musk mate.. it will be helpful

  • CHRiS

    “Everbody is to blame”…Lmao way to go melo, and not own up to your OWN mistake…below average player, f**k Mancini for bring you here to Inter…

  • Wynne Putradana

    Rannochia, Melo, d’ambrosio, Pieces of garbage… The game was really changed when ansaldi, icardi coming in. When I hope melo subtituted, but everything ended when Rannochia got red card then third goal.

  • Mamoun

    Even with the best coach in the world, we’ll never accomplish something with players like this shit or Rannoshit or Dumo, Naga, not in serie A or Europe.
    They’ve been wasting our time and energy for years and we can’t sell them coz nobody wants them , can u guys believe that Melo and Ranno earn more than 2.5 M E per year, unbelievable , they r a disagrace for inter !!!
    The goals were a farce, wtf is this assist Ranno gave for the first goal, and the challenge from Mello , wtf ??? U10 mistakes…
    Palacio is another story, he was good but he is old…

    • Eric Chandra #5

      Everybody is to blame –> very funny
      i really agree with u, rookie mistake for melo..
      rano n melo hopeless

  • macanoo muriidi

    Does he even read these comments, this melon head. But I would definitely blame fdb for the loss

  • Muttaqien

    I’m sorry guys for bringing old stuff. But I just remember these guys when I saw tonight game and our hot discussion. So, I want to give them a tribute. But I will delete it if you want to.

    • Khazam

      Lolll. Keep that shit bro. Dont ever delete it. Never forget.lolll

    • local-sloth

      Mate, I don’t think that’s the best course of action to take. People made mistakes, no need to make fun of fellow interista. Personally, i won’t mind if it’s imissmarcobranca or other zebra spammers though….

      • Muttaqien

        I knew that it was not a really good thing. Okay, I’ll delete it.
        I apologise for the inconvenience. Cheers mate 🙂

        • Khazam

          Why do you delete it bro?

          • Muttaqien

            Because local-sloth ask me to delete it, implicitly.
            Do you want me to re-post it?

          • Khazam

            Nope. Next time dont delete it bro. Things like that is good for reminder for interista who act like smartass pretend to know everything

  • Muttaqien
    • Khazam

      Forget the haters my ass. Bitch please, just enjoy melon in your fucking ass. Tactically aware???? Are u sure??? Fucking retard dont even know what that means, yet u said he is tactically aware.lolllll omg i am done

    • Deji

      Lmaoo king Petty. Nice

  • Muttaqien
    • Khazam

      Of course we dont see him enough. It was a torture to see him playing football. Donkey belongs to the farm. Not on football field. Better than medel ? Stop smoking pot man. Lmaoooo i am done

    • Alex

      I think this was a reply to my comment 😀

      • Muttaqien

        Yes, you were there 😀

  • #4

    Did you know you can say no comment rather than speak like professional football analysis?

    • Khazam

      What do u expect bro? He doesnt have brain

    • syahrul sembarang

      Hope he read your comment n seriously thinking bout your suggestion to become pro football analys

  • Boudou

    You’re a piece of shit. As a brazil fan, I’ve always hated u since that Brazil Holland game during the WC’ 10. You havent changed. FUck u.

    • Khazam

      Man, does this melon have brain?

      • syahrul sembarang

        He does but he just dont know how to use it.

        • Khazam


    • Playmaker

      I remembered that, he make stupid red cards..

  • Cdp

    It’s definitely your faults you dumbass.. Don’t blame others for your own stupidity

  • Naves

    Spoke like a true loser….
    I will consider Inter mercato successful if they sell/release all the garbage. At this rate I will be more happy with primavera players losing as at least they will put more effort into the game.

  • Khazam

    This is why you deserved to be called a donkey. Talking about second goal, blaming others when you are the one making an error for the 1st goal. Fucking donkey. Should be used for carrying luggage or something. Wasting my time watching u in the fucking field. The blackout in Lazio game when we were 1st was your fault too. Here you are talking like you are a saviour for the team. You are fucking liabality you jerk. Go fuck some other team. Dont fuck my inter. Fucking brainless fucktard piece of shit

    • Muttaqien

      Thanks mate. You already said what I want to say so I dont have to write it 😀

      • Khazam

        U are welcome mate

    • CHRiS

      Lol you gave me a good laugh…everything you said was true…F**k Mancini for bringing him here..worthless player

    • Stent-X

      You got my support bro jajajjaj lol

    • Mike

      Now i hope curva nord make chant to this fucking morron

    • Wow… That was some serious, nasty but well deserved shit coming from @disqus_KqAs9SGCsd:disqus right there.

    • Melo, Rano, Dambrosio, Naga are the players we need to offload in January.

      This match proved that without Medel in front of the defence we are really fucked.