Felipe Melo to SKY Sport: “Playing in Europe is different from playing in Serie A. Now we restart against Roma.”

September 29, 2016 21:29
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Felipe melo

After the poor performance against Sparta Prague, Felipe Melo had the following to say:

Did you expect a different start? We saw an Inter not compact enough and with the wrong approach.“We have to understand that playing in Europe is not easy. Every game has to be considered as a derby and up until now we haven’t done that. In the second half we deserved more but after the expulsion we suffered a lot. When we got our play to work, we were already down by two.”

Is it hard to be in two competitions? “It’s completely different than to play in the Serie A. We expected a strong team with players wanting to prove themselves for the new coach. Now we have to reset ourselves and restart with the game against Roma.”

Their first goal was preceded by your error, when you slipped. At the freekick you didn’t ask for the right distance and didn’t move when they hit it. “We were too far from the ball and no one on the ball. Everybody is to blame, you win together and you lose togeher.”

Source: SKY Sport

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson