Palacio to SKY Sport: “Terrible game, you don’t advance like that. Now we have to win the remaining games.”

September 29, 2016 21:42
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The Inter attacker spoke to SKY Sport after the final whistle of the game against Sparta Prague:

Were your approach too soft? “Terrible game, they deserved to win. We have to work harder.”

Is it hard to play in two competitions? “We have a great squad so we can manage to play in both competitions, but we have to perform better. Today we didn’t play well and like that you don’t advance from the group stage.”

Now there’s no room for losses now… “We have to win the next one, then we’ll see. We have to win them all to advance.”

Source: SKY Sport

Olof Svensson
By Olof Svensson
  • igo

    just don’t make him be like a target man. he can do good in wings or avert opponents attention when we’re attacking, but scoring goals…nah, his time is already passed

  • nozanneti

    thanks and leave inter !

  • iAmJimmyShaker

    I officially feel like we are the laughing stock of Europe!

    • nozanneti

      right !
      everybody is happy when they have to play against inter. 🙁

      • Binto Baggio

        Lol we are mediocre of europe now, jesus

        • nozanneti

          with the players we are talking about, yes we are ! what is the use of putting melo in team, rano, dumbo, naga, palacio,… better give a chance to youth players .

  • Kishan dey

    tbh, i dont think FDB has any idea about his players… u cant expect to win a game when u are starting rannochia, melo, dambrosio, palacio all together.. its just plain simple stupid

    • interista13

      He has no choice! You can’t expect Miranda, Medel, Ansaldi and Icardi to play 2-3 games every week, they’ll be burnt out by Christmas.

      • Kishan dey

        dude are you even watchin the matches… ansaldi played for the first time after injury.. so he could have easily started and was already better than that dumbrosio.. brozovic playing blindfolded would be better than that fuckhead melo.. and as for getting tired i know its an issue but cant be helped coz we dont have any other option.

        • interista13

          Oh, I’m sorry, I was unaware I was speaking to one of De Boer’s assistants. You just know everything going on within the club, don’t you? As you said, Ansaldi played for the first time after injury, so if he didn’t start, that is obviously because he doesn’t have 90 minutes in his legs yet. Yes, Brozovic would’ve been a better choice than Melo, but Brozovic is still in the process of making amends with his coach and team after his stunt in the last EL game, and hasn’t earned his way back into the starting lineup again. Getting tired certainly can be helped because if we’re looking at a fight for a CL spot in the last 2 months of the season, I’d want to make sure players like Miranda, Medel, Ansaldi, and Icardi are fully fit to do so. EL is important because it’ll bring us more money. More importantly, we need to qualify for CL. From what I see, that is a far more realistic target through Serie A than winning EL. When it comes down to it, if a competition needs to be sacrificed to ensure we meet most of our goals by the end of the season, it’s EL. That’s why we’re fielding these lineups, not because players like Palacio and Ranocchia are our first choice.

          • Kishan dey

            ok, if brozovic hasnt earned his place in the first team than on which world has melo earned it.. atleast brozo doesnt blunder like melo.. half fit ansaldi is still way better than dumbrosio.. and if you think that sacrificing a whole tournament is even an option than it would be much better to give our primavera players more game time rather than those old hags.. we are still -30m€ in FFP, so we must play well even in EL.. And no I’m not FDB’s assistant coz if i was i would be doin a much better job..

          • interista13

            Brozovic was serving a club sanctioned suspension due to his misconduct after his last appearance, it has nothing to do with his talent. Agreed, but I’d rather ensure that Ansaldi is healthy the rest of the season than risk him for one game. Again, agreed, I’ve mentioned starting the primavera players in EL plenty of times, but when it comes down to it we’re paying these players a lot of money, they need an opportunity to earn their keep. Lastly, let’s be real here, managing a club like Inter is much easier said than done. Given the team De Boer has at his disposal, the likes of Melo and company included, you can’t expect any other coach to be doing significantly better.

  • Endy

    Do us a favor, leave this club and go back to argentina!

  • local-sloth

    I missed the game. Lucky me 🙂

    It kinda puts me off to hear millionaires talking about “hard work” when all they do is sitting on the bench most of the time and pray for the best. My dog can do better than that.

    • Playmaker

      every after bad game they say that. we must work hard, focus bla bla bla. and somebody said I’m not Maicon..

      • Khazam


    • Khazam


    • igo

      seeing our bench, a little frog perhaps can do much much better than the ‘frog’ himself

  • Alex

    If you are a true Intersta, leave in Jan and go play for Boca. JZ4 was never a burden to our team even at the age of 40. Be like him..

    • Frans Juliver Purba

      you can’t put a legend in the same sentence with this above-average-player-only-in-his-prime-then-he-declined-so-much guy.
      You just can’t!

      • CHRiS

        Totally agree..I liked Palacio a lot..but he’s clearly a liability now and needs to be sold or released..

      • Khazam

        Thats considered an unforgiven sin if i am not mistaken. Lolll

  • Dimitris_Inter

    Please, go to Boca, thank you for all

  • J.Z4

    you showed nothing impressive tonight Mr. Palacio !
    but please just for saving your beautiful History,,,it is your time to retire !

  • JAY

    thanks for the goal man if it wasn’t for lord rano we might of been able to come back if lord eder would of scored also and fdb would play brozo instead of fucktard lord melo , so many lords, but for your own sake please leave

  • Ahmed A.Marouf

    He is carrying woods on his feet

  • Naves

    work harder? by getting a new improved contract?
    I dont see any other hard work that you and the rest of washed up players claim after each match all these years. Sorry to be hard on you Palacio but it is really a time for you to make space for young players and dont forget to take the rest of “hard workers” with you.

    • Khazam

      The thing that angers me the most these fucktard deadwood lords dont realize they are lord. What a shameless bunch of fucktard

  • Khazam

    Shut the fuck you fucktard. You are useless too. Lost many balls, offside. Fuck off deadwood