Longo: “Childhood dream to wear Inter shirt, I’m happy on loan at Girona”

September 30, 2016 17:06
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Samuele Longo, currently on loan at Spanish second division outfit Girona, spoke with local outlet Diari di Girona and revealed some of his future ambitions amongst how he’s finding his loan spell.

How do I rate the first few months to Girona?

Very positively, because they are really happy. I always said that, after two years or so with no continuity, what I was missing was the game. Now I feel good. The results, at the individual level, they tell me well. Here in Girona I’m having fun playing football as I was doing for a few years.

Because I did not have continuity in recent seasons?

I do not know. Some situations were really strange. Last year was wrong, but I was comfortable with what I was doing. If I was not playing, it was not my fault. It ‘s true that at times I failed. Growing up, I could see where I did well and where I went wrong. But when things do not work, there is only one culprit.

What was my best year?

What I liked most was the year with Espanyol. I played and I enjoyed it. There was mutual esteem, I felt comfortable, and there was affection between me, the club and the fans. I recently spoke with a friend, who told me that after a few bad years, I finally returned to enjoying it too. Now I’m back to do it with Girona. Nice play, but above all to experience good workouts. I really like them, they are intense, this is the football that I like. There was a time that I did not feel that way.

Can it be the best year of my career?

If we look only at the number of goals, it is safe! But I think that the seasons should not be compared. With Espanyol I had my first experience in amongst football elite. I scored three goals, but other than that they are happy with how everything went. Now I’ve grown up and have improved. But, above all, I am more mature than I was four years ago.

If I want more stability, after 7 loans?

What I want is to be happy. In this profession you see all kinds of things, good and bad. Yes, I’d like to stay a couple of years in a team, be able to play and feel comfortable. But everyone lives his path, his journey. So far things have gone well. Now I have come to Girona, I am super happy.

Since I’m still Inter’s, do I dream of winning there one day?

Dreaming is very simple and does not cost anything! I just want to be important for a great team like Inter. Then, in football anything can happen and we shall see. My goal is to get to play in a big club. Now that I am at Girona, I can be said to be very happy. I found a very high level, better than the Italian Serie B. Here there is a lot of pressure, or if you get lost and even when you win, you do not look at the beautiful game or not. Also because…that means playing well? For me to do well means to score more goals than your opponents. If we can do it, the better for us. And besides, I do not think there are been matches where we went wrong. I prefer to win to play better or worse. What counts is winning.  And if the game is beautiful, even better for the fans. In any case I think it is very subjective. There are plenty of comparisons, everyone has their own opinion. For example, between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, I remain always on the side of Atleti. All that “tiki-taka” and stuff [of Barcelona] I do not like. They are my points of view.

Because I started playing football? I did not watch football and not follow him, but then one day I saw Ronaldo, the Phenomenon. I’m loving it. With a play I was impressed in the mind. I had long hair, I shaved it. I wanted to be him and play football like him.

How were my beginnings?

I started playing in the team of my county (San Martino), up until I was 12 years old. From there I went to Treviso, a very big club. Then I came to Inter. It was my childhood dream, to dress in the Inter shirt and be like Ronaldo. It ‘was a good test, have changed radically when I overcome the fear. After three years and some loans, I arrived at Espanyol.

Have I ever met Ronaldo?

Yes, and I know that what I say is no exaggeration. I saw him one day and I had to take a picture. I felt like a small child. It was a great moment I will never forget.

The dream of playing in a big club is reported to Italy?

My dream is to play in England one day. Their football enchants me. Especially as we live, the shock, the fight, the intensity. But now, I am trying to win with the Girona and grow as a player. I live day by day, working hard to focus only on the promotion to first division.

Source: Diari di Girona

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