Moratti: “Suning asked me to be president again, it would be great if Simeone returned”

September 30, 2016 15:52
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Massimo Moratti has confirmed Suning asked him to return to being president of Inter in an interview with Mediaset Premium: “Yes, they asked me. It would be a honour, I don’t know what I’m going to answer. There’s nostalgia of the people, the fans. Erick Thohir tried to make deals in a difficult period but he was good. With the Chinese group I feel quiet, they have a strong will to do well. de Boer? He couldn’t be sacked after only one game, he is very good for our team, I hope in him to reach good results. It would be great if Simeone returned, he’s Interista and a good coach, he’s coming back is in the destiny. But if de Boer does well, he could remain. For Cholo there’s time.”

Source: Mediaset Premium

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Sports enthusiast

    What, Is Morrati supposed to pay a premium on the shares he sold to Thorir in the first pace? This guy is not stupid. Perhaps if Suning lends him the funds at 0% interest, then maybe just maybe he buys out Thorir……..

  • Henry Michael

    we love you masimo,
    we love INTER MORE than you

  • 1nteristi

    Thank you for letting me experienced that treble..something i would never forget for the rest of my life..suck on that “i miss marco branca” piece of shit

  • J.Z4

    A lot of people talking shit about FDB,,,I know that a lot of you guyz are upset and need an immediate impact but obviousley,,,FDB can not help with such a half deadwood players! ,,,In fact I really support FDB even if I got mad when we lost against weak teams but remeber, the main target we should achieved with him is getting back to the champions and winning the schedeto! No matter what done in EL becuse after all we have to win against Rome ( just like we did against Rube !)
    Have some faith guyz and I think in case we reach the champions then, FDB role is over and El Cholo role will start !
    Forza Inter !!!!

    • Adrian Raditya

      that would be bad news mate..
      Simeone style contradict to FDB style..

      if FDB can bring us to ECC then why sack him??

      i’m from Indonesia, i dont think Simeone can bring my country to win wold cup, he’s no magician..

      there’s no guarantee he can also do good in our beloved Inter..

      just look how’s Mourinho doing lately..

      before Simeone time in atletico no one notice him..

      so lets hope someday we can say “before FDB time in Inter, no one notice him..”

      • J.Z4

        Well said

  • Evil

    It wasn’t one game, it was two. We lost against minnows like Bersheva and Praga… Let’s see how the opinion on FDB changes if we lose for at least 4 rounds.

  • casperv

    The man who single handed ran our club into bankruptcy with old-fashion thinking, with no visions for the future, like building a Stadion and making the club more self sufficient!
    He lived, talked and acted like a fan which is no-good when you run a club, because then there’s no time building anything or making a project for the club. When anything went wrong, he simply sacked the coach and brought in a new one… that’s the mentality we should avoid!
    I’d like an Italian very much, but not Massimo – maybe his son who has great opinions about football! We need a young president with modern visions for the future – an Italian Thohir!

    • JAY

      he lost a lot of money himself too and invested lots of his own money into he club, building the stadium its a dream for us, thohir made a gangster stadium for that mls team he should defiantly make one for us with the help of the Chinese

    • igo

      yeah, it’s his negative things we should avoid. but i really love his positive things he’d done though…man, how i really loved players ronaldo, pagliuca, and still my favorite toldo playing for our shirt

      • JAY

        yes he would make us the one that everyone wanted to be, he would make lots of our dream come to reality, it was him that appointed mou and you know what happened

        • Adrian Raditya

          he was a nice person and a perfect fan, but admit it, he was a teribble president.

          • JAY

            its an uphill battle when you manage an italian team let along inter, its against all odds like 2pac, its not easy bro, i would never even call him horrible, he is my hero the way he fucked rube, no one could of lift rubes skirt

          • Adrian Raditya

            ” the way he fucked rube, no one could of lift rubes skirt ”

            couldnt agree more for this bro !

            For me, he is great as a fan, a die-hard one, a good example for interisti around the world..

            not only Mou, there was Lippi, Cuper even Gasperini..
            not only Ronaldo there was Vieri, Zanetti even Coco..

            he was too impatient, looked like his love make him lost his objectiveness..

      • casperv

        We all loved him for bringing in one world class player after another, Pagliuca is still my all time goal keeper at Inter, and I was mind blown when we secured Ronaldo – still remember WHERE I was and HOW I heard about it (before the time of the internet and all) and getting Vieri in making him the most expensive player in the world was exciting as well BUT we couldn’t afford the players and their salouries and it all was throwing the club down the drain financially, which Moratti did nothing to stop!
        And when you add to this his 5 Scudetti and one CL success to all the players and billions he and his oile company spended in his almost 20years periode in charge, that really doesn’t look impressive and especially not when you add today’s struggles to the picture!
        Btw he, his family and their company earned shit loads of billions when Morratti sold the firm to the Russians and a little after sold his own shares in Inter, all when Uefa had stop the rich suggardaddies from spending their own money, and when “the going was getting tough” he just left the sinking ship!

    • Carrieadonaldson2

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    • Alex

      I came here to write down something like this, but I’m glad that a lot of fans think this way.

      Massimo is an honored man, he spent lots of his fortune for our colors. But he is also responsible for our current mess. He should have renovated our aging squad after our treble but he didn’t.

      I wish we had a president like one of the Annielli’s family. Vision for future with constant investment in young Italian players…

      • casperv

        Well, having a vision for the future inkl plans for our stadium and going for youngsters sounds much like what Thohir and Suning wants, right?

  • mongkih

    number one fan of our era.

  • JAY

    when you talk I read every word of it , you are my role model boss, please become part of our family again and take the presidency role again, you also put pressure on the coach which was amazing, I know you are very upset about yesterdays game same as me boss, I really like your Italian way of doing things you involve emotion and professional at the same time, please have simeone ready when we need him, FDB is not the guy that can lead us, like you said boss we cant sack a coach after one game but he should be on the shit list for sure as is

  • Pradana Gilang

    I’m now on FDB side, until Cholo return, next year

    • JAY

      lets see I doubt he would last his motivation of players for yesterdays game was horrible, the reason we played very good against rube has a long history behind it and not fdb motivation of players, remember we were the first team to beat rube in their new stadium when palacio scored, since we have the rivalry against them players automatically step their game up specially icardi which is the man of the moment, but I will also not say much more about fdb and give him more time , lets see he might prove us wrong but early signs not so good

      • Pradana Gilang

        Next year doesn’t mean next season..

    • casperv

      He has a contract until 2018… but I truly support Mr Franky Hard Ass!

  • deji

    i love you boss but if that shirt deal comes with you….You can go kick rocks, no thanks.