de Boer conference tomorrow 1:30PM

October 28, 2016 16:22
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Frank de Boer will meet with the press for his weekly pre-match conference at Appiano Gentile at 1:30PM local time tomorrow. After the conclusion of the conference, the squad will have a last training session before playing Sampdoria on Sunday.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • JAY

    if we play the same way, we will crush samp

    • Khazam Stutja

      No more medel as dmf. With joao the fluidity of the ball looks better

      • JAY

        I love j.mario as dmf, his stamina is 100

        • casperv

          Agree when Medel returns from suspension in 2 games time, he should play in central defense instead of Murillo!

          • JAY

            i dont agree, he almost costed chille in the final , if it wasnt for giguain to have a habit of missing one on ones in the final

          • casperv

            Not sue I understand what you mean? Are you against playing Medel in stead of Murillo??

          • JAY

            yes, did you watch medels howler in the copa final?

          • casperv

            No I didn’t watch the copa America but I’ve watched Murillo play every single weekend and he’ll never be Inter-material! Lately he was brilliant in taking his own team mate down leave all the space and time in the world for Torino to score….