Front Pages: “De Boer still on the brink!”

October 28, 2016 23:15
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The front pages of the three main Italian sports papers all shed light on Inter!

La Gazzetta dello Sport “Icardi, fresh air – If he scores, Inter win (hoping for a truce with the Curva Nord)”

Argentine is a father again: Isabella is born

Meanwhile De Boer defends himself.

Corriere dello Sport – “Inter, there’s Leonardo – De Boer still on the brink, he’ll go at the first setback – The Brazilian has already been chosen”

He is well-respected by Moratti and could go on the bench now, but in future there’s a role as director

The club is planning the great coup for Simeone

Tuttosport – “Inter go beyond De Boer: there’s Leonardo“ 

Dutchman remains on the brink depending on results, despite the victory over Torino

Blanc also hopes: his assistant manager was at San Siro

Sources: Tuttosport, Corriere Dello Sport, Gazzetta Dello Sport

Samer Alfahad
By Samer Alfahad
  • JAY

    he will be gone if we loose or draw

  • ricardo latinoo

    Claudio Ranieri
    1986–1987 Vigor Lamezia
    1987–1988 Puteolana
    1988–1991 Cagliari
    1991–1993 Napoli
    1993–1997 Fiorentina
    1997–1999 Valencia
    1999–2000 Atlético Madrid
    2000–2004 Chelsea
    2004–2005 Valencia
    2007 Parma
    2007–2009 Juventus
    2009–2011 Roma
    2011–2012 Internazionale
    2012–2014 Monaco
    2014 Greece
    2015– Leicester City
    honestly guys ,Who you got with that much experience , He’s always been active, only rested for 1 year (2005-2006)

  • ricardo latinoo

    guys, i think we should go for ranieri , he won PL with Leicester city, surely we can win a lot with him
    I would say we should have 3 years contract with him that would be perfect

  • sleimani

    Forza Leonardo!!! He sets up the team like Télé Santana, the coach who setup arguably the best performing Brazilian team. I think he would do well coaching our attacking talent. I mean… I don’t see us really securing the defense this season, almost all of the back 4 make stupid mistakes often. May as well play competent attacking football… so far fdb is all possession no results.

    Plus I think he would be solid as a director, he was solid at PSG in that role too and helped them secure many good players. I’m all for Leo coach if fdb doesn’t impress until before the derby.

    Chi non salta rossonero e! E!

  • frigo

    Is it coincidence that only Rome and Turin newspapers are continuing to talk about De Boer’s sacking, when Milan GDS doesn’t mention nothing about that?

  • Cdp

    HAHAHA LEONARDO.. Believe me 10 matches and there will be #leonardoout in this forum

    • Karenhmarsh

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  • casperv

    As I said somewhere else, I see tomorrows game as the real test for Franky’s boys; motivation the players and getting them fired up when playing in front of an almost full stadium, and in front of all the board-members plus the president Thohir and the owners from Suning, and against a team that has done really well so far, is quite easy!
    But getting the players fired up when playing away from home in Genoa against – supposedly – a team in crisis, without the watching eyes of Suning and Thohir is something complete else!
    I fear the players get back into being their “sluggish, slow, not-caring-self’s” again, but really hope they keep it up from the Torino game and fight as one unite for the coach!
    Forza Inter, Forza Frank de Boer!!

  • ezekiel

    leonardo!? really!? SMH

  • psychointer

    hellow guys does anyone has highlight the match betwen inter vs renate? where i can
    see thats match? give me the link please..

  • Azzkikr

    Well Leonardo had a possitive influence the last time he was here, even though there was some disastrous results as well, like the schalke loss and losing 3-0 to Milan (though that retard Chivu carries some of the blame).

    Leonardo is not much a tactician, but he has great management skill, which had huge influence on the players getting their confidence back. For that reason, then if stoneface De Boer is sacked, then Leonardo as a caretaker wouldnt be a bad idea.

    • Interfan99

      Leonardo is not an improvement over De Boer though

      • Wynne Putradana

        Exactly, FdB is long term project

      • sleimani

        Bt he is!

      • Azzkikr

        Maybe not tactically, but FDB has already shown that he lacks man management and is already making enemies within the squad.

        If he is sacked, then a coach with great man management skills is required to get squad harmony back and get a possitive approach to the rest of the season.

        FDB seems have the personality of a wooden log, lacking all emotion whatsoever. Not unlike Benitez, who totally destroyed the treble team due to lack of man management skills.

        • Wynne Putradana

          Everybody’s learning, we’re lucky didnt have president like you. Grande Thohir!

  • DS

    I really hope this Leonardo rumour is not true. But I see where it is coming from, if we fire De Boer we’ll be looking for some who will be willing to be here until the end of this season or the next one when Simeone comes in and Leonardo fits that criteria.. He would probably take some role in our management after that.

    • Interfan99

      Rather stick with De Boer, if Simeone comes in then we can fire him

  • Khazam Stutja

    I trust these headlines. They proved themselves in mancini case.
    So if we lose or draw with samp, fdb will be sacked..
    This is more like moratti kind of decision i think. I dont like thohir, but he wont do this kindnof thing. Now it is up to fdb and the players. We cant do nothing about this

  • Mohamed Kindi

    Here we go again, one he is safe, the other day he is not, how could FDB think about coaching the team if his job is threatened all the time, just get it over with and change no worst results should come, even I feel the pressure those daily headlines made, I would really like to be a participant in Alone tv show until this season end.