Frank de Boer ahead of Sampdoria vs Inter: “Brozovic has apologized, Kondogbia…”

October 29, 2016 15:24
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Inter coach Frank de Boer held a pressconference ahead of the Nerazzurri’s away trip in the 11th day of the Serie A against Sampdoria at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris in Genova, scheduled to be played at 20:45 CET tomorrow night.

Did you like the display of confidence in you from the club? Are the next three matches fundamental for how the season will pan out?

“All matches are always important, a win gives calm to everyone here at Appiano Gentile, the staff and the players. Reading reports about my departure isn’t nice, it’s very important when Suning clarifies things regarding our project and display confidence in the coach. This way it’s easier to work.”

Why haven’t you been able to recover Kondogbia in the same way that you have been able to deploy Brozovic?

“I treat everyone in the same way. Brozovic gave me the best response that he could have given me. He knows he made a mistake, he apologized and was out of the squad for three weeks. He has trained well, he has understood our expectations regarding his role on the pitch and his behavior has improved. He has understood what I want from him and has returned to the squad. It’s up to the players to capitalize on their chances, everyone is given the same chances and he has understood this. He has played three matches and is improving.”

So Kondogbia is yet to display this reaction?

“No not yet, he’s not feeling well and isn’t available for tomorrow’s match. He’s doing better but still needs to improve.”

The team did well against Torino, so is it easier for you to work in order to change the details that you hope to improve?

“It’s never easy, we need to have continuity. We need the same approach, the same discipline and in this way we can change any details. I don’t want to see only one or two matches where we play this way, already tomorrow I’m expecting the same approach. Then we can talk about changing things. We have seen that we’re not always disciplined and we need to understand why this is. We have to remain united , tomorrow we have another possibility to demonstrate to the fans that we are united.”

What do you think about the fact that several coaches have been named to replace you?

“I don’t think it’s the coaches that say these things but that it’s the agents that make these propositions. It’s normal, in this moment they think that there is an opening for a job for their clients, Inter is a big club. It’s always like this. There’s no point in being preoccupied about these matters, I have to think about improving the team. We have a lot of work to do.”

What do your players need to understand in order to turn the season around?

“Against Torino, after a good result, you can tell the players that playing like this we can win. I saw a united team that worked together. When the players understand this then immediately they begin matches with this approach. It takes time, many players haven’t played before in a 4-3-3 and they need to learn how to. However, they need to know that playing in this way they can improve, they’re still in the learning phase. It’s not enough to do well in only one match. With this philosophy the players will see that they can play well.”

After the match against Atalanta Massimo Moratti said that it’s difficult when the players don’t understand you. Do you get angry when the players don’t give you what you expect of them?

“I was very angry after Bergamo, before the match we spoke about how we needed to play, exactly in the manner we played against Torino. Then our shape was too long on the pitch, some parts of the team were 20 meters apart. On Wednesday we were at most 5-10 meters apart. At half time in Bergamo I told them that we have to do what we spoke about earlier before the match. We saw a very different second half. We have to believe in what we are doing, we have a philosophy that I didn’t see us use against Atalanta. I think the players understood and gave a good reply against Torino.”

Can we expect to see Joao Mario as a playmaker also after Medel returns?

“It’s not his preferred position, he usually plays much further up the pitch. But for me he did well and I don’t think i will change. He liked playing further up, I know this, but he is a great professional and knows that he is needed to help the team, that’s the most important thing.”

Right now, Eder seems to be ahead of Perisic in the pecking order. On what basis do you select which players go out on the pitch?

“What matters is the physical condition, how they work in training, the tactical discipline they show, the opposition. After all these evaluations I decide who to play in order to achieve our goal which is to win. For me tactical discipline is very important from the wingers, and this is the point from which I begin when looking at their roles. Right now, Eder is doing well, when everyone plays in a disciplined manner then selecting becomes very difficult.”

Mr Bolingbroke said yesterday that the winter break will be a turning point. Can we expect to see De Boer’s Inter only after the New Year?

“We can see it already tomorrow, it was close to being displayed against Torino. This is the true De Boer team. In the New Year we will have improved, but already today I’m happy after the last match because it was very clsoe to my philosophy.”

Has Medel’s suspension allowed you to play a central midfield which is closer to your philosophy? Can Medel be used as a defender?

“I want to see these players working together not just for one match, but for several. Not just today, but always. I’m very happy with Medel, he has always given 100% and is very important to the team. The other players have to demonstrate that they too are as important to the team. When you win the midfield battle it means that you can start your attacking some 20 meters further up the pitch.”

If you have to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 based on the work you’ve done so far, what grade would you give yourself?

“I think a 7 because in this moment I can look the players in the eyes and know that we’ve worked very well. We started far from each other and we’ve progressed also internally in the squad with regards to organization. This takes energy, there have been low points but considering where we started we have taken steps forward. I’d say 6,5 with the possibility that it could be a 7.”

Your working methods, who some define as being somewhat of a fundamentalist approach, does it favor specific behavior from the players or is it more random?

“We’ve always had this philosophy, this is a path that we wish to walk until the end, this is our goal. In this time some things must change but the path remains. It’s not always straightforward, sometimes you must take aturn to the right, sometimes you stop. The philosophy hasn’t changed and I’m sure that at the end of the road the results will come.”

Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari
  • hokiM

    long time ago i was say that our biggest problem is playing medel as midfielder…jm again show how beast he is, and he must be our regista from now…

  • ezekiel

    good job brozo.. ^^

  • nozanneti

    andreolli must jump in to first team.

  • nozanneti

    don’t worry about gabigoal. perišić will leave inter next summer at the latest and that is a chance for gabi to seat at bench if not to play.
    perišić is fed up with fdb.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    I think FDB is talking about his morality, not physical condition.

  • Wynne Putradana

    Very good !!

    They didnt know about art of war.. Fdb is just trying experiment match by match, and will be completed with good fullbacks..

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    I find nothing about Kondo being unwell, what’s your source?

    Jojo deserves another chance, a full 90 mins maybe.

    About GB, u must to play to become ready, training isnot enough.

    About Perisic we think way different, i rate him as one of the bests in the world.

  • casperv

    Kondog was injured the other day, muscle problems, and Jojo is a very selfish not “self-sacrificing” player at all, which is what FdB wants. It´s the team first and all, then the player!
    I totally agree with the Perisic comment; Eder is much more fluent and unpredictable than the winger Perisic who only sees the byline and seeks the cross all the time!

  • casperv

    I really want this man with his very positive approach to football to succeed! We haven´t had an attacking minded coach since… Strama I guess… so I really hope the players are just as fired up tomorrow night even though the president and owners from Suning won’t be watching!
    Now the 3 next games will be FdB´s biggest tests, because after next weekend there will be a 2 weeks International break, where the club could chose to replace Franky with Blanc or who ever or chose to continoue with Franky boy!
    The 3 next games will be Samp, Southamton and Crotone! If he fails I okay with L.Blanc, but not the “caretaker” nonsense!

    • Khazam Stutja

      stop using medel as dmf, give j mario that position, trust me, this kind of change will give massive boost to our performance

      • casperv

        Worked against Torino, and with Medel in central defense we would get the defender-play-maker to build the play from behind FdB has talked alot about!

        • Khazam Stutja

          medels passing is not good enough as regista, but good enough as cb. we really need to give murillo time to rest to get his hunger back too, i think the journalist ask that medel as cb question to give fdb some suggestion. i hope he does that

          • casperv


          • Fahm

            What regista? Are you joking? He plays it as a regular DMF, never as a Regista. His average and completion on passing mark a high score on several football statistic web. Even Brozovic couldn’t do that, his average far too low for his position as a midfield player. His presence just like old Cambiasso position, they don’t need a through pass like Pirlo did, but a simple one, jointing a back line into forward.

            Him with, Benega and Joao could emulate our old glory days.

      • Binto Baggio

        It would be better if medel become CB backup, and trio brozo, banega and mario in midfield

        • Khazam Stutja

          I hope fdb think the same man

          • Karenhmarsh

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  • TQ
    • casperv

      Yes would be awesome! Verratti behind J.Mario as our central box-to-box player with Banega on his left like against Torino!

      • Khazam Stutja

        that will be 3 wc midfielder in our line up. but sheik doesnt sell though

        • casperv

          Maybe not, but if the player/agent pushes and the coach of PSG is G.Kondogbia´s former coach at Sevilla, remember, so maybe Unai would give his blessing to the exchange!!

          • Khazam Stutja

            lets hope so, but still i would rather have deep lying or anchor mid like william carvalho or julian weigl, because for me veratti better as cmf, but still great player as dmf

          • casperv

            No Veratti is a deeper lying play-maker a la Pirlo… Barca play with 3 technically strong players and does´nt really have a “destroyer” and that works because the team “stays as one unite” as FDB is talking about!

          • Khazam Stutja

            not anymore bro, he is more b2b now, he did that pirlo style in ancelotti time i guess, but still if he comes i would be happy

          • casperv

            Ancelotti? He plays like that for National Team, and with L.Blanc he played behind or next to T.Motta…

          • Khazam Stutja

            i meant in psg bro, i said that because hes got good attacking mind, but he is great in director role

          • casperv

            He has always from his time with Pescara (the great Zeman changed him from being an attacking mid to playing regista in front of the defense),to his PSG days playing as a regista.. but maybe he´s pissed off now because Unai wants him to play box-to-box!

          • Khazam Stutja

            i did watch him in blanc era played as b2b with matuidi in front of motta as dmf, he really did great tough. he is wc player either in cmf or dmf role for me

          • casperv

            and fits the profile; young (23) years old, up and coming player and Italian! This is what Suning is after!

          • Khazam Stutja

            buying veratti is something that suning wanted to do with buying james rodriguez i think, for commercial purposes and making a statement, “We are back bitch!!!”

          • casperv

            Yes and as I said, they´re focusing on young players and Italians!!

        • casperv

          Hey another thing, Thohir and the Sheik are like “best friends forever” with thohir hanging out with the sheik in Paris and all!

    • Khazam Stutja

      i would like that to be happened, but sheikh doesnt sell

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    He rates himself 7, OMG!

    Anyway, i hate how he treats players like Kondo, Perisic, GB and Jojo.

    • Azzkikr

      Indeed, FDB doesnt seem like being the best in terms of man management, similar to Benitez.

      Thats probably why Leonardo is being mentioned as a caretaker if FDB is sacked, since he is the complete opposite.

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        That’s what I wanted to say about Leo. U read my mind bro

    • casperv

      Don´t understand you; have you seen former “most-sells” like Santon, Eder, hell even Nagatomo lately and Brosovic play?? They do WAY better now than ever for Inter!!

      • Amin Sadrnejad

        Brozo still sucks, but i hope they get better with such humiliating treatment

        • casperv

          He surely didn’t suck against Torino, he ran more than anyone and fought like a lion and was very unlucky not to score at least one goal. I liked him.

          • Amin Sadrnejad

            Running headlessly is not an advantage, and he wasn’t good enough to score.

            When u miss from goal like it’s not about luck, it’s about skill.

          • casperv

            If you have ever played football yourself , you should know that it takes a little while to back into gir when you haven’t played for all most a month. He seemed a bit rusty, true, but he fitted like a lion and got him self in scoring position at least twice and was unlucky not to score – sometime you need at bit of luck, like Icardi had with his 1.goal in the game.
            But I liked the combination of J.Mario and Broso plus Banega!

  • Yoav Atiass

    All this interview is BS. the only thing that changed against torino is that we had a normal midfield with players that are good with the ball and have good pace both in attack and defence. so the only thing that have changed is that medel was not in the midfield (and melo either). i have great respect for medel but i think is a defender and not a midfielder. de boer avoid that question and i cant understand why.

  • Khazam Stutja

    I didnt read all paragraph because i already read it from footballitalia
    I realize this from u

  • Khazam Stutja

    For u all who accused brozo for doing bad in the match on purpose just read fdb words about him. I dont like him too but saying pro players doing things like that is stupid for me

  • Massimo Moratti

    I am pretty sure FDB will destroy Kondogbia.

    • Khazam Stutja

      Why? He has injury thats why he doest get called

      • Massimo Moratti

        Even before injury he was not accepted well by FDB.

        • Khazam Stutja

          Thats more kondo fault for me. He ignored the coach instruction. He does driblle when he needs to pass too often, it is like he didnt learn anything from his previous matches

    • Amin Sadrnejad

      He already has.

    • sleimani

      Kondogbia kind of destroyed himself, we splashed 40 on this bidone. The guy comes from Monaco and thinks he’s a star… doesn’t listen to coaching and then wonders why he rides the bench… too slow to be a destroyer and too clumsy to attack.

      All kondogbia can do is run with the ball and pull off a dribble… his passing is poor, his touch is poor. He well suite to Ligue 1 or the Premiership.

      Hopefully we can offload him asap.

      • Khazam Stutja

        grazie mancio

    • Eusebio

      I want Kondo to succeed but if you’re not listening to your coach and the tactics that he has laid out for a game, you are putting the team at risk of winning and it’s the players fault for being selfish.

      The biggest problem is that we overpaid for him, he was really worth 25-30mill. Too much pressure on him.

    • casperv

      No one is destroying anyone man! Kondog is a great talent but he always needs to touch the ball too many times before he pass the ball – that’s okay I guess in Spain and France but not in Italy, where the opponent gets organized too quickly if you wait too long!
      I have been hard on FDB for leaving out players like Broso,Kondog and Biabiany, but seeing Broso against Torino I saw a totally motivated player who did everything for the team, running and fighting like a maniac.

      • Khazam Stutja

        agreed bro

      • Omar

        FDB is doing an excellent job as a coach and mentor! He has to be respected and given his fair time at least.

        • Wynne Putradana