CM: Krychowiak, another idea for Inter’s midfield

October 31, 2016 14:52
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PSG’s Grzegorz Krychowiak could land at Inter, report. Inter remain interested in team mate Marco Verratti but the Pole is more of a realistic option, despite him only joining the French outfit in the summer. With both Geoffrey Kondogbia and Marcelo Brozovic both expected to leave, there will be two gaps in the midfield, both of which Inter hope will be filled by Verratti and Krychowiak.


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    bring in this guy he will totally change our midfield completely

  • Søren

    Veratti is like the wet dream of any midfield! But maybe just a dream.. Him, Darmian and another quality back – that would be the best gift ever!

  • Pablo

    Imagine if we could get them both. I know that is impossible to take Verratti, but a man can dream.


    —– Banega—
    J. Mario Verratti

    • 1nteristi

      wooohhooooooo…i like how you leave out CB-LB-RB dude

  • Giuseppe Meazza

    This is nonsense. He’s just signed for PSG for €40++mil and he’s doing well. Unless we decide to forgo any morality we have and spend 50-60mil for him then yeah, we might get him.

    • Azzkikr

      Doing well? He has only featured in 4/11 games for PSG in the french league. He is behind Thiago Motta. However Mottas contract expires in the summer, so from 17/18 onwards Krychowiak could be the prefered started and probably eased into the starting lineup this season.

      But i agree its 99% BS, just like all other rumours at this point of the season.

      He would be a great signing though, huge upgrade over medel and exactly what Inter needs for DM.

      But the most important thing right now is the coach situation.

  • ricardo latinoo

    we must buy this guy,.,,he’s the new pogba!

  • casperv

    Ehh… who??

    • Giuseppe Meazza

      Arguably the best DM in Europe last season. But you’re prolly just being sarcastic

      • casperv

        Really!? No didnt know him, in fact don´t know that many of the players playing in other leagues than Serie A! But thanks man!

  • deji

    who are we signing these players for? it makes no sense to sign players without a coach then blame the coach when he doesn’t succeed with a bunch of randoms.

    • Boudou

      This is just media bs don’t worry

  • hokiM

    who cares…we sucks

    • Khazam Stutja


  • JAY


  • Dhana

    Okay instead of buying unimportant players.. Better we focus on winning against crotone

  • FB

    Pssst – here’s an idea:


    • Khazam Stutja


  • Inter1998

    Seriously? French League players again? Just use Gnoukouri. And buy that Atalanta talent.

    • Bruno Tome

      this dude played well for Sevilla, so he’s proven outside of France as well.

      • Dani Milekić

        So did Kondo xD

        • Bruno Tome

          Now you got me thinking

    • Alphonse

      LOL, he isn’t even playing for PSG (2-3 matches, that’s why he’s cheaper), he’s more Spanish league player than French. Krychowiak would be a perfect CDM for us, can pass the ball as well + Banega knows him. BTW, Gnoukouri plays poor for us recently.

      • Inter1998

        Everyone play poor…LOL. Okay, Spanish League players that only play few matches but still good options coz Banega teammate.

        • Jr

          fuck gnoukouri, he is crotone level not inter