GdS: de Boer’s future decided, he will be sacked

October 31, 2016 13:25
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Frank de Boer‘s fate has been sealed, he will be sacked after the Southampton game Gazzetta dello Sport claim. The Dutchman has just 7 wins from 14 games and Inter sit 8 points adrift of Napoli in 3rd place. Inter’s management have the idea of appointing an interim manager until the end of the season then going for Diego Simeone.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport

Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • SumeRossini

    Diego Simeone wants to coach Atletico de Madrid for at least one season in their new stadium which will open next summer. He can only come in 2018.

  • syahrul sembarang

    I dont know which one is more stupid, changing caretaker with another caretaker or set high hope for caretaker. Obviously management has define stupid into next level.
    People bashing fdb insane for doing samething over n over n expect different result. Hey look at the mirror, were doing same thing (changing coach) n still expecting same reason.

    • mongkih

      it’s the inception of caretaker =))

      • syahrul sembarang

        N i guess they’ve lost the totem

  • tarttata tarattata

    chill guys we have witnessed some good performances FDB is getting this team to gel he just need to fill the final pieces and maybe one or two trial-error mode

    i think if he is smart which he must that medel should play in away matches and brozo in home matches except maybe in bigger games
    this tiny change will be huge

  • Andrian Zanetti

    Inter problems:

    1. Incompetent management. Thohir brought FDB here although he knew that FDB barely speaks Italian, knows nothing about Serie-A and lacks of Italian tactical approaches.No wonder FDB is struggling now. Thohir’s choice was a risky gamble. A president as a leader should not be in a rush when making big decision about his organization.

    2. Incompetent management. We’re paying millions for zombies like Frog, Nagatomo, Dumbrosio, Melo, Biabiany, Palacio and countless shits for years. Instead of bringing two solid fullbacks and a center back, we burnt 71 million euros like nothing for gabigol, Jojo, K-Dog who are warming the bench. So yes we are rich but don’t know how to spend the money wisely. If I had to choose, I would cut all loses, clear all zombies out and then reinvest the capitals for our own stadium.

    3. Incompetent management. Our management really sucks at crisis & man management. Some team members like Broz and Icardi behaved like spoiled-brats but the management kept in silence. Icardi wrote a biography which insulted the fans, where was the management? If you were parents, you would understand that this parenting problem would create bigger disaster in the long term. FDB lost the dressing room because he only knows how to handle kids, not spoiled-brats with star-syndromes at Inter. Football is a team sport. The team will not work properly if they refuse to appreciate each other.

    Mancini is gone. FDB is still here. The circus management is still here. That’s the fact. Regretting Mancini’s departure will not change anything now. IF and ONLY are the two saddest words in English. Let’s hope that the management will stop acting like in a circus. Start choosing the decision carefully and wisely. Give FDB more time to show he can bounce back. Maybe until winter break. But we have to be aware the big alarm is always the relegation zone. If FDB brought us to fight at that red zone by the end of december, we all know what should be taken quickly by the management in that day.

  • deji

    DE BOER ALREADY IS THE INTERIM COACH!!! lol It was stupid to fire mancini so late in the summer nd hire de boer. It would be an even more stupid decision to fire him after 2 months as well. What do you expect an interim coach to do that he couldn’t. are we gonna fire the interim after 2 months as well if the results continue?

  • I miss Marco Branca

    I think that FDB is the greatest coach to take over Inter since……GASPERINI !! This guy is great ! I especially like the direction that he is taking Inter – TOWARDS THE BOTTOM OF THE STANDINGS !! It’s not FDB’s fault either because this is what happens when Inter beats Juve….the last time that happened Inter collapsed and finished 9th place…………today inter will have to climb up the standings to finish 9th place !!

  • Walter White

    I think that FDB should be given more time. I hope he stays. Guess a lot of Ensteins outhere dissagree and I think there is a still time to turn this around.

    • Khazam Stutja

      You are saying that the one who disagree are einstein, what about u? There is no certainty we will be better if we give him more time

      • Walter White

        Actually my real name is Tesla. There is no certainty with anything exept death.

        • Khazam Stutja


        • I miss Marco Branca

          and taxes !

  • JAY

    please don’t bring bs coaches

  • Giuseppe Meazza

    The commentator on BTsport made a really good point that day. What’s the point of bringing a manager like de Boer in the first place if the management isn’t gonna be patient and give him time to build this team from the fundamentals?

    Has it ever come across to all the fans out there that the reason we’ve been struggling these past few years because we haven’t got an identity as a team? We’ve played so many different styles of football. (eg. Mazzari’s back 3 and static midfield, Mancini’s defence-based counter attack, and now high pressing de Boer is trying to implement). The latter has the clearest idea of how he wants to set up the team. Which is why I’m most sympathetic towards him. He inherited a squad of unfit players at the back of an unproductive preseason (Inter amassed the highest flight hours in Europe during the pre-season #fact). His players aren’t able to keep up with the tempo he wants them to play. Furthermore, due to unnecessary media pressure from the beginning, he’s forced to abandon the tactical-pressing approach to a slower Serie A-esque game plan we’ve been watching past few weeks or so. The old adage of “Only defensive teams can win the Scudetto” is so worn out and not true at all. There have been many Scudetti won by “teams who play football” as well. FdB’s current situation reminds me of Koeman in Valencia saga. Koeman, of course, turns out to be a class manager.

    Well, whatever happens in the next few days, I hope we’d stick with the manager of this club. Whoever that might be.

    P.S de Boer did say in the first interview that we’d be seeing his Inter in January. He specifically said he didn’t wanna rush his players like Klopp to prevent injuries.

    • CHRiS

      Totally agree. While I am not happy with the results up to this point, I think sacking him with be dumb. Like you said, why hire a coach with a totally different philosophy, if he isn’t granted the time to create his time around it? He hasn’t even has a full transfer window to work with?

      I don’t see how Fans don’t see how big of a hypocrite inter looks if they sack him. The management said they will support him and give him time when he was hired..and that is a complete lie if he is fired now

      • Khazam Stutja

        They said the same thing with mancio. The world already know how hypocrite fat thohir is.. i mean be realistic man, fdb is shit, changing coach wont guarantee anything, but that shitty EL results 7 lost 2 draw from 14 matches. Come on, he really is shit

        • Giuseppe Meazza

          You’re quite the advocate for sacking coaches huh? XD

          • Khazam Stutja

            No man, i wont be happy if he is sacked or will be sad if he is not sacked. Because i know sacking coach is not the best solution

          • Giuseppe Meazza

            Not just him mate 😉 youve got a track record. Don’t take this personally, this is not aimed at you. I just feel that many people here are behaving like a spoilt kid, who just got a new toy but got sick of it after a while and want a new toy. This has been the trend and that’s why our form are always fluctuating. I think there are a portion of Inter fans out there too who craves for continuity. Of course there’s such a thing as “he should’ve been sacked by now”. Like in the case of Mazzarri. I just feel a sacking would be harsh atm and the options for replacement are average to say the least.

          • Khazam Stutja

            I am frustated interista what do u expect?
            So now it is our fault too for they being suck? Come on man

          • Giuseppe Meazza

            We all are. I just don’t like it that every time there’s a problem, our first response to it is to call for the sacking of the coach. It’s an epidemic in football as a whole. And this thing the media is brewing it’s just disrespectful to someone who’s still doing his job.

          • Walter White

            Nice comenting mate! Cheers!

          • Bajaninter

            Common sense prevailed. Thanks bro.

      • Giuseppe Meazza

        To be fair though, our management hasn’t officially said anything about FdB. It’s been the media’s doing. Like before the game v Torino, it was reported by another media source that he’ll be sacked after the game regardless of the result, which turned out false of course.

        I’ve nv seen the italian media in unison against one manager like this before. It’s unprecedented. It could be that mild xenophobia and supremacist/elitist attitude against foreign coaches, because Italy obvious has a really good track record in producing great coaches.

        • CHRiS

          Its like they have a personal vendetta against him..I would hate to be him in this situation.

          And just because if he doesn’t succeed here at Inter doesn’t mean he isn’t a good coach. Maybe Inter wasn’t the right place for him, so fans and Inter management want quick results..Lets see how this all plays out

        • syahrul sembarang

          Good managenent should say something clear message to media, fans n the world that theyre support the coach n still believe in him. By doing that, i believe, will help the coach to control the locker room

          • frigo

            Yes, absolutely! I read somewhere that when Sacchi had passed through tough period with Milan, Berlusconi was in the locker room, talked to the players and whole staff and said: “Sacchi will continue to be coach even if you’re going to lose next 5 games”. This is the kind of attitude that I wanna see in Inter!

          • syahrul sembarang

            Exactly, so team know whos the bos in locker room.

    • Khazam Stutja

      How many more lost against smaller teams to stop u from denying he is not suit to our current team?

      • Giuseppe Meazza

        He hasn’t got much time on his side I’ve to admit. I’m just trying to look at it as sensibly and impartial as possible without involving emotions, because clearly any Inter fans right now would be angry and disappointed.

        • Khazam Stutja

          Yeah, shouldnt accept the job if he makes up that for a reason why he sucked hard

  • Dani Milekić

    I’m ok with the caretaker coach IF we are guaranteed to have Simeone this summer. And hopefully not a week before the season starts.

    • deji

      there is no guarantee we’ll get shit lol nd thats how u should judge this

  • Nanedo

    Let stop philo and think maths. The problem is the coach, when u have one plan for all games what ever the opponent means u r a bad coach. Nowadays our only player who provides stable performance is Handanovic because coach plan has no influence on goalkeeper. So logical that cannot be every player fault, it is the coach. The biggest mistake was to send Mancio away, after all he didnt have the players we have this season and yet he managed to get 4th and could go further in UEL if Carrizo didnt make stupid mistakes against Celtic.
    Yes Mancini did some mistakes but it seems that we all forgot all good things he did in his 1st era with club when we had 17 wins in a raw in Seria A and was a world record in big leagues.

  • Pradana Gilang

    5 wins from 14 games.. The Philosopher has good losing philosophy

    • Khazam Stutja

      No, his philosophy is we were bad in 1st half and playing good football in 2nd half

  • TQ

    what if we keep losing with the new coach whoever that might be?? xD

    shall we keep sacking coaches but not players? wake up inter management! If you want to sack the coach then sell our deadwood aswell!!

    Im not saying that i know better than the management but we fans clearly see what the problem is and that its not just the coaches fault, its the players fault too!!

    We need changes everywhere in this organisation, starting from the clueless management then the coach then the players!!

    forza inter!

    • Khazam Stutja

      Thats why i always said ausilio needs to be blamed for many deadwoods in our team. He has his share of fault

  • intermilan

    I think most of us who want FdB see the playing style that he want to impose on us simply isnt working in Italy.

    The failure of it cleary leads to frustration and declining morale amongs players who believe and know they are better that the results they achieved playing under FdB system. His playing style dont have an edge over opponents. Juve win is a fluke.

    We been defeated comfortably by smaller teams in Italy and European games.

    His playing style will leads us to big failure.

    We need to change ASAP coz with him, the team are definitely going to self destruct. We need to cut the losses now b4 its too late.

    • Giuseppe Meazza

      Oh such a played out cliche. It’s not his playing style. If you really process it, it’s the level of fitness. How many times have we played well in the first half then, lost concentration and lost the game in the 2nd Half? Footballers need to be fit, that’s it. His style of football has beaten Juve hasn’t he? Unfortunately for us, we haven’t had a fit team for a while. Our intensity in games simply can’t match other teams.

      • Khazam Stutja

        What is this fitness bs man? You are saying the bs fdb said when he lost in the first month

        • Giuseppe Meazza

          I don’t know how FdB are training his players’ fitness. But fitness is not sth that you can just attain after running 21km once. It’s sth that players build over time. Almost habitual. The fastest way to improve one’s fitness, we actually have to undergo many intense sessions, each time breaking the previous threshold.

          When I was still playing, during the pre-seasons, we usually had intense fitness sessions in the morning and tactical etc in the afternoon. It was gruelling. And I rmb it was so hard to play at the level I knew I could because of the intensity of the training. So yeah, if FdB’s training the team’s fitness, that could be a factor in why our players look so lethargic all the time. Either way, our players are not fit. You could argue though that top professionals should be able to keep up. But we’re human and our human body can only take so much change in workload.

          • Khazam Stutja

            Come on man, i agree with all the fitness thing u have said. But stop blaming this and that for us being piece of shit, it is fdb fault, players fault, and the most part fault of clueless managemnt (fat thohir).

          • Giuseppe Meazza

            Just for the record, I nv said FdB is faultless.

          • Khazam Stutja

            Okay, so what are we arguing about man?

          • Giuseppe Meazza

            haha about sacking him right at this moment but it doesn’t matter now. Cheers!

          • Khazam Stutja


  • Michael Rojas

    I again don’t understand why we got rid of Mancini and hired this guy. I said it from the start that we shouldn’t have gotten rid of him, he got us to 4th place which is better than previous years. We were on top of the table and ran into a few bumps but still managed to qualify for EL.

    We’ve been on year 0 for like 6 years and when we started making progress last year we fired the coach. Milan just got their new owners and coach and are in position for CL or even Scudetto with 5 points behind. This is ridiculous and embarrassing to the team and it’s fans.

    We all liked to think that de Boer was not given enough time which is understandable but c’mon at least by now you’d think we’d start getting our shit together and he use the right players in our matches.

    I would very much wish Mancini comes back and finishes this season out with us as he’s familiar with the players but I don’t see that happening because of how things ended. Whoever comes in I hope can guide us to at least 4th or 5th because right now CL is looking like it’s out of our hands.

    So frustrated just had to get this out lol

    • Sam Olsen

      I think Mancini and the management differed on the direction to take the club in. The management want to invest in younger players with a sell on value and potential whereas Mancini wanted proven experience and Toure in particular. Management baulked at signing Toure with his wages and no potential to make money selling on. Mancini wasnt sacked as left by mutual consent because of differing philosophies. De Boer was bought in primarily because of his record with younger players and developing a team but was forced to try to implement his philosophy, which is not an easy one to implement as it is built around an attacking defense, during the season which is near on impossible, if Inter are going to change coach as an interim they will need someone who will implement a basic defensive style operating on a limited counter attack. Another disappointing season over by November. Interesting to see how Milan are on the up with their less successful youth players coming to the fore. All this while our record breaking youth player Bonnazzoli is rotting away somewhere in the rubbish with the rest of the talent we have thrown away

      • Rikard Olsson

        Wondering how it would have been if Mancini just got his Toure… Most likely top 4 by now and his salary is much less expensive than firing two coachens in one season and risking even EL-money. A complete mess by an impatieny management team.

        • Sam Olsen

          I was actually excited when they refused to get toure and Mancini decided he didn’t want to stay. I thought finally we have an owner arriving with a clear vision for what they want, how they want to do it and where they want to go. The actions of the last few weeks have only shown that in Inters case it seems the more things change the more they stay the same. Just waiting for a classic been around the block manager to come in next for the rest of the season before we start year zero again!

          • casperv

            Mancini was known for playing 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 and De Boer for playing a similar 4-2-3-1 and now we´re linked to Blanc who too plays 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 so maybe, just maybe we now have a clear idea on how to play and in what direction to go (not hiring coaches who plays 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 when we clearly have a squad made for playing 4-3-3/4-4-2!)

        • Khazam Stutja

          Are u sure? Stop the should would man, it could get worse too

      • 1nteristi

        perfectly said brother..but then at this time i think de boer has lost the faith from the team

    • ezekiel

      thanks to that asshole fan who think by got rid of mancini 2 weeks before the season start will make us a better team.. and then he proudly announced that he successfully get rid of mancini by spaming thohir’s twiter with #fuckmancini,#sack mancini!!!! now he and his friends must be the happiest people on earth!!! sorry i just lost my sanity due to our “beautiful football” that some of people here want so much!! bravo beautiful football!! TT

    • dudd

      Even if Inter could win the scudetto with Inter, i couldn’t watch the football we were playing. Instead i liked very much 2-3 games with De Boer but he is not a character that can control the locker room.

    • itzmario
    • Nanedo

      Let stop philo and think maths. The problem is the coach, when u have one plan for all games what ever the opponent means u r a bad coach. Nowadays our only player who provides stable performance is Handanovic because coach plan has no influence on goalkeeper. So logical that cannot be every player fault, it is the coach. The biggest mistake was to send Mancio away, after all he didnt have the players we have this season and yet he managed to get 4th and could go further in UEL if Carrizo didnt make stupid mistakes against Celtic.
      Yes Mancini did some mistakes but it seems that we all forgot all good things he did in his 1st era with club when we had 17 wins in a raw in Seria A and was a world record in big leagues.

  • HaMiD

    its not fair! I am still supporting FDB to stay in Inter and build Inter next season.
    the problem is not coach, its our shitty player who think are bigger than club.
    after that coming society and management and then fans which they think real football is FIFA 17 and want only result without any foundation in club!
    what a joke the situation is!!
    If I was the manager will keep FDB and sack the half of our squad!!

    • Bruno Tome

      I don’t know man, so far I’ve played 21 games in career mode and I’ve only lost 1 game and tied 3, I won the rest (I play in Legendary btw). So it’s clear that this team has the potential of becoming the best in the world. If I can do it, FDB should be doing the same in real life, it’s clearly his lack of knowledge that has Inter in this situation.

      • Anang Shikamaru

        this reality man..wake up 😀

        • Bruno Tome

          dude, there is nothing positive going on around Inter, let me have some fun. Obviously I was not being serious.

          • La Selecta


  • Herditya Pradipta

    Even Pep will struggle with this kind of pathetic clowns at his disposal

    • Cdp

      Even pep struggling with man city, he just like mancini overrated and lucky to manage a team with good players..

      • Seiya20n

        you can’t say that of someone that changes football for good, whenever there is a new process, they new time to clean up the team and reflect the coach’s play-style. If not then Mou should be also sacked

        • Cdp

          Mou has prove his worth by bringing ucl trophy for us and porto, team that no one expected to win.. Pep? Even manager like luis enrique can do treble at barca.. At bayern he only win in germany which bayern is so superior there..

      • syahrul sembarang

        Lucky pep doesnt have inter fans or ultras at stadium

    • Anang Shikamaru

      you’ve pointed out the problem ..sack the person who raised their salary and extended their contract 😀

  • Deji

    Sackig coaches left nd right lol we’re slowly becoming a joke smh

  • Fahm

    if they to sack him; sack deadwood players, also sack glory hunter interisti

  • Jr

    year zero is next season again lel – that being said fbd deserves to be fired, the guy is an absolute dickhead

  • Juke Box

    than another interim manager takes inter not better position in league,and wasted again.. and also it depends simeone want inter or not.

  • Amin Sadrnejad

    No need to wait, sack him NOW.

  • Ren

    Clueless management. Another wasted seasons.

    • Anang Shikamaru

      They bought player for mancini then sacked him and ask new caretaker to manage all player which is not suit with him then sack him again..after that hire a new guy, if he still losing because all idiots still there then sack him again..again and again.. clearly the problem here is management..sack all of them

      • Bruno Tome

        sound like a good plan to me