Ventura: “The coach is least responsible, it is never easy in Italy”

October 31, 2016 13:39
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Giampiero Ventura has given Frank de Boer his personal backing in light of widespread reports that the Dutchman’s future as Inter boss is hanging by a thread: “I am always of the opinion that the coach is the least responsible. He arrived a week before the beginning of the league without speaking the language, it is never easy especially in the Italian league to one that comes under certain conditions.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson
  • Azzkikr

    What a complete load of crap.

  • casperv

    Well it´s true he came very late and he struggled with his Italian, even though he understood all the questions asked him because he speaks Spanish, he still answered in Spanish or English. But now he has been here for 3 months, he gives interviews in Italian but his team doesn´t seem to improve!
    It´s always the same thing; 4-2-3-1 all out attack with focus on wing-play with cross-ins to a solo striker who is strong in the air but isn´t any Dzeko…
    We need someone who knows how to mix it up and play differently otherwise we´ll struggle against everyone in Italy!

  • JoeyJojo

    We can criticize FDB all we want, but much of the poor results fall onto the players due to the utter lack of clinical finishing & poor defending. Compared to last year the team is creating many more chances but simply not putting away their shots on target. The FB situation is abysmal and should have been the priority this summer instead of relying on makeshift signings to fill in those gaps, unfortunately we are paying for this now.

    • JAY

      agree , we hit the post 2 times with pala and brozo and icardi missed an open goal, brozo could of easily passed and placio’s miss was one for the book and icardi’s miss was miss of the century for inter

    • casperv

      Every teams have days like these, where you keep hitting the post or the goalie plays the game of his life (that really happens too often to us), but then a strong team with a strong coach who has build an organized team AT LEAST gets away with one point (like Man Utd against Burnley). But not us, no we loos these games due to bad organisation. Our midfield is an open free-way for the opponent to counter attack on, and the coach doesn’t seem to see it!
      Atalanta, Sampdoria and Cagliari all have in common that they´re fighting relegation but also have beaten us – next one up; Crotone who´s last!

    • Bajaninter

      Agree bro plenty chances to score but don’t. Bad defening also but had we scored those chances our brothers wouldn’t be complaining.