Verratti: “I respect journalists but I don’t like when they make things up that don’t exist”

October 31, 2016 13:11
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Last week, Marco Verratti was linked to the Nerazzurri after an alleged fall out with PSG coach Unai Emery. The midfielder, formerly of Pescara spoke with and denied claims he was looking for an exit as well as denying the fall out:

I read many wrong things on me last week, things that had simply not happened. I had received many hits against Marseille and the medical staff didn’t want to take any risk, especially because I’d been recovering from an injury.
I wasn’t angry at my manager, that’s not true. I was angry with myself because the team was struggling and I didn’t want to leave for physical problems. I told Emery that I could continue, but he didn’t agree. It was just a misunderstanding and Emery was right. I always want to play, even in training, when I am feeling pain, I still want to play. I’ve always been on good terms with all my managers and Emery is no exception. I respect journalists and their ideas. Most of times, I agree with them when they criticise me. I don’t like when they make up things that simply do not exist.  I am on very good terms with Emery, it’s easy to create controversies, it helps selling papers and watching TV. Journalists are just waiting for something to happen to talk about that all week long, we are used to that as footballers, but we don’t like it. We are here to win, but we must only be judged for what we do during games, not for other things. My agent went a bit too far when he said that I could leave the club. I am not here to convince journalists, I am here to do my best for PSG. I’ve never had problems here and it’s painful to read that I am egoist, spoiled and that I have no respect for people. I love this club and I love my teammates.”


Cammy Anderson
By Cammy Anderson